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March 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


One month we present the calendar with most prominent dates in Spain and in the United States and we offer some ideas for marketing actions in your restaurant.

March is a month with many special dates that we can serve as an excuse to organize days, parties or events in our business, but this year Easter falls well at the end of the month, resulting in travel, increased tourism and the hospitality industry customers.

typical festivities

although Easter is a religious holiday, all-believers and atheists- we take these days for leisure and thus gastronomy, either in your own city or meeting new areas. So, we must be prepared to give customers the best possible service.

Depending on the area where we are there typical dishes or other, Cod, potaje, French toast or Mona Easter are examples. Choose one of them and organized a conference during those days with that product as protagonist: "Potaje Week" or "La Fiesta del Bacalao" are two of the options. She makes a special key menu for the day, Thursday and Friday, in which there is no meat, even a Christian tradition of not eating meat during those days if you choose a mouthwatering dishes that prove safe even non-believers.

But before Easter, You have few other important days. Today is celebrated Day of the Balearic Islands, and add some typical products like sobrasada or Mahon cheese can be a nod to the festival. No need to modify your letter, diners offer it as an appetizer or starter.

On Tuesday 8 the International Women's Day is commemorated, and we propose to have a detail with those women who come to your restaurant, invite a glass of wine, a tapita, coffee or give a flower. The possibilities are endless, choose what suits you best, but keep in mind that that partly gift define your philosophy.

Health promotion

Another date that can help us to organize something special is the 14 of March, Day for Prevention of Vascular Risk, takes this date and during that week highlights low-fat dishes, cholesterol, ultimately to be cardiosaludables. You can create a special menu for those days or highlight somehow -using stickers, making a separate letter- the healthiest food you have in your kitchen. If you organize with time and with whom you report you should talk could even create a conference taking the Cardiovascular Institute as a collaborator or Ministry of Health.

A party increasingly widespread in our country is San Patricio, patron saint of Ireland, held the day 17. According to your business as you can attach this festival a greater or lesser extent. tastings, harmonized prepares a menu with different types of beer or spend that week to provide a craft beer every day. Remember that the color green has to dominate your decor!

Father's Day is a special date that many families decide to eat out, Also this year falls on a Saturday, design one or two menus, one economic and one with a higher price- for the weekend. On the occasion of the celebrations of Valencia you can add for a few days to your letter paella or prepared in different ways fideuá.

A day after net spring -the day 20-, a time full of seasonal products (teardrop peas, Perrechicos, the latest artichokes…). A great time to renew your winter menu and add other recipes, It will be a reason for the media to talk about your restaurant and customers are going to try your news.

solidarity actions

We always try to propose some solidarity and action this time is the key day 21 of March, World Down Syndrome Day. As in the case of cardiovascular diseases you can try to cooperate with you some institution. Raises funds for associations that help people with this syndrome, you can with a special dinner that day or extend a weekend. Donates one euro from each menu you serve or percentage of each bill.

Here are some ideas, but surely you many more can you think. Sometimes be different and offer something that does not give anyone can differentiate yourself from the rest, Nevertheless, there will be times when guided by the most typical, and be one more in the tradition you can play in your favor.

So important are actions such as communication thereof, much to do something amazing, If anyone is not whole effort will be for nothing. At other times can advertise your event very well and that your home is on everyone's lips but does not translate into customers. We must strike a balance between both and that can only be achieved through "trial and error", perhaps the first attempt is not successful, but you learn from failures and go improving, so do not get discouraged and still striving.

You have seen no need to date is strictly a gastronomic celebration, but it is clear that everything is done to celebrate around a table, so sharpens your wits and events adapted to your needs.

Al equipo de DiegoCoquillat.com nos encanta conocer tu opinión, cuéntanos tus ideas, dinos si funcionaron o cuál fue el problema en caso de que no lo hicieran.

Ideas de marketing para restaurantes

Calendario-de-acciones-de-marketing-marzo-2016Marzo 2016: Calendario de acciones de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

Calendario de marzo de 2016

1 de marzo

  • Día de las Islas Baleares
  • Día Nacional compota de frutas (#usa)
  • Día de los enamorados de la mantequilla de cacahuete (#usa)
  • Día Nacional de cerdo (#usa)
  • Día Mundial Piropo (#usa)

2 de marzo

  • Día Nacional de la tarta de plátano (#usa)
  • Día cosas viejas (#usa)

3 de marzo

  • Día Nacional del embutido (#usa)
  • Día Nacional del vino caliente con especias (#usa)
  • Día de la flor del melocotón (#usa)

4 de marzo

  • Día Nacional de bizcocho (#usa)
  • Día del aprecio al empleado (#usa)
  • Día de vestir de azul (#usa)

6 de marzo

  • Día Nacional de la tarta de queso y chocolate blanco (#usa)

7 de marzo

  • Día Nacional de los cereales (#usa)
  • Día Nacional del asado de carne de cerdo (#usa)

8 de marzo

  • Día Internacional de la Mujer

9 de marzo

  • Día de la enfermedad renal
  • Día Nacional de la carne de cangrejo (#usa)
  • Día dietista (#usa)

10 de marzo

  • Día Nacional del arándano (#usa)
  • Día del amante de palomitas (#usa)

11 de marzo

  • Día europeo de las víctimas del terrorismo
  • Día Nacional de las galletas de avena y nueces (#usa)
  • Día Nacional “Comer sus Noodles” (#usa)

12 de marzo

  • Día Mundial del Glaucoma
  • Día Nacional de vieiras al horno (#usa)
  • Día de plantar una flor (#usa)

13 de marzo

  • Día Nacional de la sopa de fideos con pollo (#usa)
  • Día Nacional de la torta de coco (#usa)

14 de marzo

  • Día europeo para la prevención del riesgo cardiovascular
  • Día Nacional de la patatas fritas (#usa)

15 de marzo

  • Día Nacional Peras “Helene” (#usa)

16 de marzo

  • Día Nacional de los corazones de alcachofa (#usa)

17 de marzo

  • Día de la carne en lata y el repollo (#usa)
  • Día de San Patricio

19 de marzo

  • Día del padre
  • Día Nacional del caramelo de chocolate (#usa)
  • Día Nacional de aves de corral (#usa)
  • Día del Cliente (#usa)

20 de marzo

  • Entrada de la primavera
  • Día Nacional de los raviolis (#usa)
  • Día Internacional de la felicidad (#usa)

21 de marzo

  • Día Mundial del Síndrome de Down
  • Día Nacional de taco crujiente (#usa)
  • Día Nacional del pan francés (#usa)
  • Día Mundial de la Poesía (#usa)
  • Día de los Padres Solteros (#usa)

22 de marzo

  • Día Mundial del Agua (#usa)

23 de marzo

  • Día Nacional de la tostada (#usa)
  • Día Nacional del perrito (#usa)

24 de marzo

  • Jueves Santo
  • Día Nacional de las pasas cubiertas de chocolate (#usa)

25 de marzo

  • Viernes Santo

26 de marzo

  • Día Nacional de la espinaca (#usa)
  • Día Nacional del turrón (#usa)

27 de marzo

  • Domingo de Pascua
  • Día Nacional de la paella española (#usa)

28 de marzo

  • Día Mundial de la Enfermedad Pulmonar Obstructiva Crónica
  • Día Nacional de la tarta Selva Negra (#usa)

29 de marzo

  • Día Nacional tarta de limón (#usa)

30 de marzo

  • Día Nacional del Médico (#usa)

31 de marzo

  • Día de la prevención del cáncer de colon
  • Día Nacional de las almejas (#usa)

Aquí puedes descargar el calendario en PDF con las mejores ideas de marketing para restaurantes:

Marzo 2016: Calendario de acciones de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

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