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March of 2017: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


Begins March, one month changes because spring comes. Temperatures rise, and this directly affects the work of restaurants and other hospitality businesses because people feel like going out more and enjoy the good weather begins to feel, even, in some areas of the country terraces period opens.

But also, in March there are also a few celebrations that you can take in your restaurant. This is the marketing activities calendar March.

International Women's Day

He 8 March is a worldwide celebration established by the UN in 1975 to claim the equality of working women, currently she is claiming its role in society. In these times in which it seeks to equate the position of women, celebrate or pay tribute in some way to this date in your business can be a very good idea.

You can start, for example, by using the channels you have available to mark the day, whether social networks, your blog or through offline media. If you send emails to your database, advantage and talks date, briefly explains the origin and congratulates all your clients.

With the message You can announce some special action of the style: "If you come with your friends to dinner we invite you to a bottle of wine", or dessert from a minimum consumption.

As the date falls on a Wednesday, a day that is usually loose in hospitality, will come in handy to increase your billing. If you work with menu for lunch and have a female clientele that makes pause in his work to eat at your local, some chocolates with coffee and detail would be fine. Son small actions that enhance the experience of your visitors and makes them feel special, social networks also gain a lot of precious engagement.

Valencia failures

One of the most famous festivals in Spain we will enjoy, especially in the area of ​​Valencia, from the 15 until the day 19 of March. Failures attract many visitors to the city and several nearby towns, who are attracted by the lavishness of the Fallas monuments and their dolls.

If your property is in the area you do not have to do much to fill it except offer some attractive promotion and give good service. But if you are in another region of Spain and your restaurant has to do with Valencian cuisine (or rice dishes), can use failures as an excuse to attract more customers.

Fallero a fixed price menu that includes of course paella and Valencian wine (they are very good although not as well known) It is an option for those days that can be extended to the whole week; an alternative is to offer special dishes Chef's land as alipebrá de Angulas, the stew of San Blas or pumpkin fritters typical at this time of holidays, even, in the bar, You can have tapas typical products such as sausages and local cheeses, and of course, good Horchata.

Offers products and different dishes to the usual to draw attention, and do not forget to publicize everything you do through all your promotional channels.

¡The spring!

As we said at the beginning, the day 20 March a change occurs station. Remits the cold that keeps us home many days and begins the good weather, which means more people moving through the streets eager to feel the sun and enjoy.

In many restaurants the spring means a new letter, in fact, are many locals who changed twice a year his letter and one of them is given in early spring. You can do the same for introducing dishes with seasonal ingredients and highlight the product as king in your offer, In addition to offering new products to your regular customers. It is a change that will benefit or yes.

If you have a terrace you'll have easier, Start a busy season for you and you can make it even more attractive with activities such as live music, If you have the space, O special sales you can organize your provider leaning on liquor, for example.

You can even make a spring festival in which, overnight, your home will be decorated in a particular way with lots of color and flowers, type dishes and cocktail made with seasonal ingredients. Add some good music and animation if your budget allows, You increase your turnover with an attractive action.

International Day of Happiness

By last, a date that you can use for social action. He 20 March was established by the UN as the International Day of Happiness, in the year 2013, to recognize the important role of happiness in the lives of people.

Puedes realizar acciones en el local como un cartel bonito en cada mesa que diga “Hoy es el Día Internacional de la Felicidad, ¿una sonrisa?” y así ofrecer un detalle simpático a tu clientela que les hará recordar su visita. Pero también puedes unirte a una buena causa para regalar un poco de felicidad: donar alimentos a una ONG, o ropa y juguetes a un centro infantil. Realiza la acción que quieras pero que signifique dar un poco de alegría a quien lo necesita, a ellos le vendrá bien y a ti también.

Existen otras fechas en marzo que puedes aprovechar para tu negocio como San Patricio, que empieza a celebrarse en nuestro país, el Festival de Jerez o la Fiesta del Erizo de Lugo. Mira todo lo que hay en el calendario que tienes aquí abajo y úsalo a tu favor… y luego cuéntanos qué tal te ha ido. ¡Feliz mes!

Calendario de Marzo 2017

Marzo 2017: Calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

Marzo 2017: Calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

Día 1

  • National Fruit Compote Day (#usa)
  • National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (#usa)
  • National Pig Day (#usa)
  • World Compliment Day

Día 2

  • National Banana Cream Pie Day (#usa)

Día 3

  • National Cold Cuts Day (#usa)
  • National Mulled Wine Day (#usa)
  • Peach Blossom Day
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • National Salesperson Day (#usa)
  • Dress In Blue Day
  • Fiesta do Queixo, Arzúa, A Coruña (hasta el día 5) (#esp)

Día 4

  • National Pound Cake Day (#usa)

Día 5

  • Migas populares, Cabeza de la Vaca, Badajoz
  • National Absinthe Day (#usa)
  • National Cheese Doodle Day (#usa)
  • National Oreo Day (#usa)
  • National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day (#usa)
  • National Cereal Day (#usa)
  • National Crown Roast Of Pork Day (#usa)
  • National Peanut Cluster Day (#usa)
  • International Women’s Day
  • National Crabmeat Day (#usa)
  • Get Over It Day

Día 10

  • Feria del vino de chantada, Lugo (hasta el 12)
  • III Concurso de pinchos Pinchanogrove, Pontevedra (hasta el 26)
  • National Blueberry Popover Day (#usa)
  • Pack Your Lunch Day
  • National Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day (#usa)
  • National “Eat Your Noodles” Day (#usa)

Día 12

  • National Baked Scallops Day (#usa)
  • National Milky Way Day (#usa)

Día 13

  • National Chicken Noodle Soup Day (#usa)
  • National Coconut Torte Day (#usa)

Día 14

  • National Potato Chip Day (#usa)

Día 15

  • Fallas, Valencia
  • National Pears Helene Day (#usa)

Día 17

  • Corned Beef & Cabbage Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day

Día 18

  • Fiesta del Erizo, Cervo, Lugo

Día 19

  • National Chocolate Caramel Day (#usa)

Día 20

  • National Ravioli Day (#usa)
  • First Day Of Spring
  • International Day Of Happiness
  • World Storytelling Day

Día 21

  • National Crunchy Taco Day (#usa)
  • National French Bread Day (#usa)

Día 22

  • World Water Day

Día 23

  • National Melba Toast Day (#usa)

Día 24

  • XXI Festival de Jerez (hasta el 11/03)
  • National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day (#usa)

Día 25

  • National Lobster Newburg Day

Día 26

  • National Spinach Day (#usa)
  • National Nougat Day (#usa)

Día 27

  • National Spanish Paella Day (#usa)

Día 28

  • National Black Forest Cake Day (#usa)

Día 29

  • National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day (#usa)

Día 31

  • World Backup Day

Y además:

  • National Nutrition Month (#usa)
  • National Caffeine Awareness Month (#usa)
  • National Flour Month (#usa)
  • National Noodle Month (#usa)
  • National Peanut Month (#usa)
  • National Sauce Month (#usa)
  • National Craft Month (#usa)
  • International Ideas Month (#usa)
  • Women’s History Month

Aquí puedes descargar el calendario en PDF con las mejores ideas de marketing para restaurantes en Marzo:

Marzo 2017: Calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

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