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March of 2019: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


March presents multiple opportunities to run actions of marketing for restaurants high capacity to attract new customers: from parties somewhat frikis marking the prelude to what is to come in May to masquerades Victorian. In this article we provide you some strategies marketing for restaurants that you can put in place to fill your rooms.

Anticipating a day of pride geek

He 25 May is celebrated Pride Day geek. It is the only event that has fans of video games, films of science fiction and fantasy novels. The May 4 is also celebrated Star Wars Day, each year has increased traction. But before all this, what?

March brings with it a calendar marketing packed restaurants for special dates for science lovers, the technology, culture and fantasy. With claims directed to these cohorts of people we are not only increasing our turnover on the dates indicated, but we are positioning ourselves advantageously for other dates you indicated similar cutting.

How to get it? On the day of the old objects (March the second) It could organize a small antiques fair. National Day of cherry blossoms (March third) It is reminiscent of the rosettes of pink petals or sakura Iconic of Japanese culture, so you can draw the attention of the japanófilos with decorations and themes related to the country of the rising sun. Japan also import the Nintendo and his character mascot: in Mario Day (10 of March) you can organize a tournament, speedrun or challenge related to the legendary franchise.

But that is not all. National Day the Milky Way It is celebrated 12 of March, so lovers of astronomy and home telescopes will be looking for any excuse to enjoy dinner under the stars with additional entertainment. Also related to space, but with an accent less serious, we have the National Day of alien abductions (20 of March), whereby it could costumes stretch the season Carnival a little further. All these strange quotes puts them close the pi day (14 of March), day marked with a red circle on the calendar of mathematicians.

Carnivals for everyone

Carnivals have great tradition in some regions such as Galicia and the Canary Islands. So good, in every place the party takes on a different tone.

This plurality of ways to celebrate when very versatile for restaurants who want to enhance their flow of diners in the five days of the celebration. A) Yes, two through March 5th have room for all kinds of events, from costume contests to masquerades.

To get the most performance strategies marketing Carnivals for restaurants focused on so you just have to know in detail the tastes of customers and visitors expect from our local. Clearly, if our restaurant is classic and offers a luxury experience, a dance of exciting and intriguing masks is more suitable than other functional solutions that could swimmingly in a casual restaurant.

Success lies in the correct estimation of the interests of the guests during the holidays.

St. Patrick, pattern of binge drinking

St. Patrick He had no major impact on Spain and other countries of Ibero-America until recently it has become fashionable to celebrate in style, shamrocks and green caps included. But If something can not miss this party, that is alcohol.

In the event that the bar pose a significant volume of sales of our establishment, August can be in San Patricio. A bonus to come together, a discount on the second glass or any other incentive to encourage drinking you will notice at the end of the day in the box.

Other dates March share with ideal excuses for marketing in restaurants.

Calendar marketing activities March 2019

March of 2019: marketing activities calendar for restaurants Download the #ClubDiegoCoquillat

1 of March

  • National Day Fruit Compote (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Lovers Peanut Butter (OF. UU.)
  • National Pig Day (OF. UU.)
  • World Day of Flattery
  • Baleares Balearic Day
  • Zero Discrimination Day
  • Day of the Heroes of the Fatherland (Paraguay)

2 of March

  • National Day Banana Cream Pie (OF. UU.)
  • Appreciation Day for Employees (OF. UU.)
  • Day Antique Objects (OF. UU.)
  • Carnival Saturday

3 of March

  • National Day Sausages (OF. UU.)
  • National Day mulled wine
  • National Day cherry blossom (OF. UU.)
  • Blue Dress Day (OF. UU.)
  • Carnival Sunday
  • World Wildlife Day
  • Miniature start Pintxos Congress in Palacio de Congresos de Vitoria (Basque Country)

4 of March

  • National Day Pound Cake (OF. UU.)
  • Carnival Monday

5 of March

  • National Day Absenta (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Cheese Doodles (OF. UU.)
  • Carnival Mardi Gras Tuesday the

6 of March

  • National Day Oreo cookies (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to Chocolate Cheesecake White (OF. UU.)
  • Dentists National Day (OF. UU.)
  • Ash Wednesday and Burial of the Sardine

7 of March

  • National Cereal Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Pork Crown Roast (OF. UU.)

8 of March

  • Rocks National Day Chocolate Peanuts (OF. UU.)
  • International Women's Day

9 of March

  • National Day Crab Meat (OF. UU.)
  • Day to Overcome Experiences (OF. UU.)
  • Day Panic (OF. UU.)

10 of March

  • National Blueberry Popover Day (OF. UU.)
  • Day Take Out (OF. UU.)
  • Mario Day
  • Genealogy Day
  • Forum Corunna (Galicia)

11 of March

  • National day of Dried Fruit Waffles with Avena (OF. UU.)
  • National day to eat noodles (OF. UU.)
  • Forum Corunna (Galicia)
  • Lounge Cava and other bubbles at the Neptune Palace (Madrid)
  • Cooking dialogues in the Basque Culinary Center (Basque Country)

12 of March

  • National Day roasted scallops (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of the Milky Way (OF. UU.)
  • National day for planting a flower (OF. UU.)
  • Forum Corunna (Galicia)
  • Lounge Cava and other bubbles at the Neptune Palace (Madrid)
  • Distillates room and vermouth at the Neptune Palace (Madrid)
  • Cooking dialogues in the Basque Culinary Center (Basque Country)

13 of March

  • National Day Chicken Noodle Soup (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Coconut Cake (OF. UU.)

14 of March

  • National Day French Fries (OF. UU.)
  • Pi day

15 of March

  • Día Nacional de la Pear Belle Helene (OF. UU.)
  • Day Honest Confessions
  • Absolutely amazing day Children
  • Barcelona Beer Festival (Catalonia)

16 of March

  • National Day of artichoke hearts (OF. UU.)
  • Barcelona Beer Festival (Catalonia)

17 of March

  • St. Patrick
  • National Day Beef and Cabbage in Brine (OF. UU.)
  • Global Day Padding
  • Barcelona Beer Festival (Catalonia)

18 of March

  • National Day Sloppy Joe (OF. UU.)
  • Forgiving Day for Parents
  • Uncomfortable Moments Day
  • Benito Juárez's Birthday (Mexico)

19 of March

  • National Chocolate Candy Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Poultry (OF. UU.)
  • National Breakfast Day at the Office (OF. UU.)
  • National Customer Day (OF. UU.)
  • Saint Joseph (Valencian Community, Galicia, Murcia, Navarra and the Basque Country)

20 of March

  • National Ravioli Day (OF. UU.)
  • First day of spring
  • National Day "Will you be my neighbor for a day?» (OF. UU.)
  • Propositions National Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to kiss your Fiancee (OF. UU.)
  • International Day of Happiness
  • Day Storyteller
  • National Day of alien abductions (OF. UU.)
  • French Language Day

21 of March

  • National Day Crunchy Tacos (OF. UU.)
  • Pan French National Day (OF. UU.)
  • International poetry day
  • National Day Single Parents (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Courtesy (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Remembrance (OF. UU.)
  • International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • International Day of Novruz
  • World Down Syndrome Day
  • International Day of Forests

22 of March

  • National Day for horsing (OF. UU.)
  • WWD
  • National day to be as young as you feel you (OF. UU.)
  • Sevilla BioCultura (Andalusia)

23 of March

  • National Day chips for Dipping (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Melba Toast (OF. UU.)
  • National Puppy Day (OF. UU.)
  • World Meteorological Day
  • Sevilla BioCultura (Andalusia)

24 of March

  • National Day Raisins Chocolate Coated (OF. UU.)
  • International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Violations of Human Rights and Dignity of Victims
  • World Tuberculosis Day
  • Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice (Argentina)
  • Sevilla BioCultura (Andalusia)

25 of March

  • National Lobster Newburg Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to read Tolkien (OF. UU.)
  • International Day of Solidarity with the members of Detained and Missing Staff
  • International Day of Remembrance of Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade
  • St. Joseph's Day (Colombia)
  • Selection lounge Barcelona, Penin Guide on the World Trade Center in Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • Delivery of Andalusia Gastronomy Awards 2019 in Almería
  • International forum of the Pope in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands)

26 of March

  • National Day Espinacas (OF. UU.)
  • Nougat National Day (OF. UU.)
  • Purple Day for Epilepsy
  • National Day to create your own Festivity (OF. UU.)
  • International forum of the Pope in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands)

27 of March

  • National Day of Spanish Paella (OF. UU.)

28 of March

  • National Day of Black Forest Cake (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Pinchado Something on a Stick (OF. UU.)

29 of March

  • National Day Lemon Chiffon Cake (OF. UU.)
  • National Parents Day business owners (OF. UU.)

30 of March

  • National Doctor Day (OF. UU.)

31 of March

  • National Day Served Clams on the half shell (OF. UU.)
  • World Day Backup
  • National Day Crayola Paints (OF. UU.)
  • Last day of the IX Madrileño Cocido Route (Madrid)

#ClubDiegoCoquillat download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

March of 2019: marketing activities calendar for restaurants

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