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More of 300 European professionals gather in Madrid to fight food waste


The next 26 September Madrid will host the Save Food Meeting / Point IV AECOC Conference against Food Waste, an event that will bring together over 300 European professionals in the food chain together to fight against food waste which is being organized by Save Food – the initiative formed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Messe Düsseldorf -, the Club of Spanish Exporters and Investors and AECOC.

The meeting will discuss highlights success stories driven from the primary sector, industry and food distribution, serve for the exchange of ideas and experiences among the more than 300 public administration professionals, private businesses, consumer associations and food banks assistants.

A) Yes, The event will include a panel discussion which will discuss the information that moves the food chain to the consumer and determines the food use in homes. It deepens the debate on issues such as the difference between best before date and expiry date, the importance of food to value regardless of what your price; and of encouraging society a model of responsible consumption.

Meeting Point will collect the views of the public administration, private enterprise and consumer associations

The round table will participate the director general of Food Industry, Fernando Burgaz; Area Director of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, Pilar Chiva; responsible consumption Hispacoop, Carmen Redondo; responsible for Institutional Relations Consum in Catalunya, Nuria Riba; and the president of the Food Bank of Madrid, Francisco García González.

The program also offers presentations like Espigoladors responsible for the project, Mireia Barba, outlining how a social enterprise fight against food waste by offering second chances both people and food; the director of the plant PepsiCo Burgos, Jesus Gonzalez, who will explain how the production of chips and snacks is approaching the goal of reducing to zero waste ending up in landfill; a CEO of Multivac he, Christian Traumann, which will analyze the role of packaging in combating food waste.

Information that moves the food chain to the consumer is key to reducing food waste in hogares

further, the meeting point will the vision of the deputy director of Food Policy Directorate General of the French Ministry of Food Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry Sector, Vincent Gitz, which will analyze the impact of the recently passed in the Gallic country and requires companies to have signed distribution agreements with food banks and CSR director Eroski law, Alejandro Martínez, explaining the initiative "Wastage 0".

AECOC Save Food Meeting

AECOC Save Food Meeting

The opening, with the participation of top managers of the companies organizing the event, It will be chaired by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the Government of Spain, Isabel García Tejerina.

The event, to be held at the Ateneo de Madrid, will end with a cocktail and showcooking based recipes use provided by the IFA group.

Sobre Save Food Meeting

Save Food Meeting is a collaborative effort led by the United Nations through its Environment Program (UNEP), FAO and Messe Düsseldorf to combat food waste that occurs in the world. Business, political class and civil society work together in promoting discussion forums, innovations and solutions to reduce waste in the various links in the value chain.

About the Club of Spanish Exporters and Investors

The Club of Spanish Exporters and Investors is a business association multisectoral, independent, non-profit whose goal is to represent and defend the interests of Spanish companies with international activity. Founded in 1997, It has a consolidated position as regards the internationalization of Spanish companies. In it are represented numerous companies in virtually all productive sectors and of different sizes, whose combined turnover figure equivalent to 25% Spanish GDP, and the 40% It corresponds to its international business. Have a 800.000 employees and their investments abroad constitute the 50% of total Spanish international investment.

about AECOC

Nearly 26.000 associated companies, AECOC is one of the largest business associations in the country and the only one in which industry and consumer goods distribution work together to bring more value to the consumer. It includes both major companies and small and medium enterprises in sectors as diverse as food, textiles, hardware and DIY, pharmaceutical products, sports or health sector. The turnover of its member companies accounts for about 20% of GDP.

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