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More of 6 million Spaniards continue to restaurants in Facebook


Making an allegory with one of the best films of Monty Phyton as the The meaning of life, You could say that Facebook is the social network through which everyone of Social Media makes sense. She is the mother of all networks, which it is at the forefront of all (if not, absorbs) and that everyone wants to copy.

When it raises launch a networking strategy, or improve existing, the first word that always comes out at the meeting is Facebook. Rare is the report and the presentation does not start with the network of Mark Zuckerberg. If all this is not a reflection of the data supporting the social shark, as According to the latest Social Networks IAB It is best known among the Spanish network followed by WhatsApp and Twitter.

Facebook, the best possible showcase for restaurants

One of the good and beautiful things that have social networks is their complementarity. Each must be treated, studied and exploited in a different way to make the most. While Twitter is ideal for knows about our news last minute and help our customers; while Instagram is perfect to show the restaurant pretty face. Facebook is, definitely, the best possible showcase for business.

From a simple page you can reach a coverage never seen (more of 1.600 million users) but at the same time to segment and go directly to potential customers. Something that other networks can not yet say and endorse the theory showcase.

In the field of hospitality showcase factor is more significant if the data presented are taken into account Spanish Franchisers Association (AEF) y Social Media Family. This study, one of the most important data is extracted more than 6,5 million users still some hospitality franchise 22 million people in Spain. This is one reason why being on Facebook, care for and pamper: target audience much. And for the hospitality industry, even more.

target audience and the power of segmentation

Word of mouth has always been the most effective way to attract customers, but since there are social networks that word of mouth has multiplied exponentially. That is where the main differentiating factor relative to Facebook competition. Zuckerbeg social network allows a masterfully simply to segment the audience, and it allows users to direct the message directly to the people who are interested.

The evolution of Facebook was not always positive because of the many changes, He is always trying to go ahead user generated uncertainty and it showed in the numbers that the company had year after year. In these swings it has been clear about one thing: to exploit its full potential requires investment.

The large capacity direct our message as if it were a sniper It is closely linked to investment. In the beginning only with organic diffusion could reach audience numbers more than decent; but for a while these numbers are only achieved if the social networking strategy is incorporated into a game Sponsored entries.

These items should not be seen as an expense without further, directed vacuo, but as small investments teledirigadas. To choose by type of public, by location, by age or sex through Facebook helps eliminate all kinds of "noise". When launched to open a local, a franchise or a gastronomic market research project in which we analyze these factors is done right, hence Facebook is a tool that facilitates look through your peephole and so to get the right person, in the right moment. Win & win.

All, absolutely all measured

A folder full of invoices purchased products or accounts of everyday life, all paperwork generated in a business helps measure profitability, to know what is being done right and what is wrong. As for metrics, Zuckerberg's social network is light years ahead of the rest. Everything is measured. It is possible to know in great detail who the followers, what they like about the site and what does not and, especially, how they behave and interact with the brand.

On Facebook all have a reason, everything is done gives meaning to social networking strategy and this is only possible thanks to detailed statistics. Because it allows you to segment with perfect accuracy and precision of a surgeon to a huge audience, It has just conviertido the epicenter of the earthquake that are social networks. Just look how all always try to connect to it.

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