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More than half of Spaniards plan to go out to restaurants in the next month, according to a study ElTenedor


To support the sector in reopening, The Fork will implement new digital tools that facilitate the implementation of the established measures by the Government and help in the management of the restaurant

  • He 43% of the surveyed establishments are willing to open and will do so as soon as they can, just a 2% confirms that you will have to close your store.
  • He 45% of users intend to return to restaurants with the same or greater frequency than before, although they are concerned about the application of sanitary measures and the budget.
  • Digitization is going to be key in the reopening and hoteliers are increasingly interested in online reservation solutions; menus, digital orders and payments or management tools that allow them to make the most of their occupation.

The opening of the restaurants has already begun and the sector is working to adapt to the new reality by implementing the measures established by the Government.. Although not all cities have passed the Phase 1 of the de-escalation plan, there are already many restaurants with terraces that have raised their blinds these days. Definitely, there is a desire to open and a desire to leave. According to a study by TheFork, he 57% of respondents plan to go out to restaurants in the next month, altogether a 85% will do so for the first three months, Y a 45% affirms that his intention is to eat or dine outside with the same or greater frequency than he did before Covid19. Meanwhile, a 43% of the establishments indicates that they will open as soon as they are allowed and only one 2% confirms that this situation will force them to close permanently.

Concern about sanitary measures and the budget

The fondness for gastronomy prevails among the Spanish. Nevertheless, a 24% of those surveyed affirm that from now on it will go out less to restaurants and a 17% for now not even think about it, mainly concerned with the application of sanitary measures in establishments. In fact, a 60% considers essential to ensure that the restaurant complies with the established hygiene and safety measures. On the other hand, the impact of Covid19 has been felt in the pockets of consumers and a 39% says that now he will have to look a little more at the budget. Something of which the sector is very aware and that is why in the plans of many hoteliers is updating the menu with cheaper dishes., making tighter menus or even applying offers.

Hoteliers focused on managing reopening and recovering customers

Restaurants face great challenges and in this new stage their main concerns revolve around how they are doing. to manage the reopening (when can they open, In what conditions, application of sanitary measures, reincorporation of equipment ...); how are they going to recover the clientele Y how to profit government aid. further, They are aware of the determining role that technology will play in the coming months and the need to digitize the management of their establishments to the maximum.. Thus, are showing special interest in solutions digital menus, digital orders and payments or management tools that allow them to maximize their occupation.

Others of changes in the sector refer to opening hours and prices. According to data, a 21% says it will extend opening hours, while a 24% points out that it will keep it like before, just a 14% will reduce it. Regarding prices, he 49% confirms that it will maintain prices, a 6% plans to download them and a 7% upload them.

TheFork facilitates reopening with new digital tools

After the success of Save Our Restaurants, the altruistic initiative that allowed restaurants to offer prepaid vouchers and which has managed to raise more than 400.000 euros for the almost 2.000 participating restaurants, TheFork continues to support the sector during the reopening. This time it will be putting new technologies and digitization at the service of the industry with the launch of a new version of its reservation software., The Fork Manager Pro. This new version includes tools that will allow restaurants to organize their room plan effectively to keep the safety distance; manage your capacity according to the established reductions; maximize the occupation of the premises or even have a "virtual row" to avoid crowds at the door. further, for those restaurants that are not yet part of the platform and that need to be digitized or have the most basic version, you can enjoy this free software (in its Pro version) until December.

"We are aware that digitization is going to be key for restaurants in this new stage, therefore from TheFork, as the main ally of the industry, we want to continue helping them and provide them with the best technology so that they can adapt to the reopening. Thanks to our new version of The Fork Manager Pro, restaurants will be able to better manage the distances between tables, the capacity, optimize their occupation or avoid crowds at the door of the premises. Of course, We will also continue working on refilling their tables, reactivating and promoting online reservations through all our channels and major partners such as Facebook., Instagram, Apple. All our strength is at the disposal of the sector. ” Marcos Alves, CEO of ElTenedor

“Delivery” y “Take Away”, the trend remains unchanged

Although the restaurants that joined the home delivery during the closure due to the state of alarm increased by 8% yet 15%, few noticed a real impact on demand. In fact, a 31% only noticed a slight increase in orders, while for a 28% demand fell. Nevertheless, after reopening, a 41% He comments that he will continue to do “delivery” and a 61% will continue with the collection at the point of sale or "Take away”.

Meanwhile, Consumers do not plan to change their habits and claim that they will use the delivery again as before, no more. If previously a 54% I ordered food at home 1 once a week, during confinement this percentage fell to 37%. Regarding takeaway food, a 84% points out that she doesn't usually order takeout.

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  1. Good afternoon:I would like you to explain what expectations the owners of bars and restaurants have or if I am living a different reality,for example who is going out for dinner or lunch,ordinary people,middle class,that most of them are in a team,they have no liquidity,but what is the reality ,it started well ,but how long will it last?without tourism,the example of mallorca with the majority of unemployed people with bar rentals that are paying for 50 m 1560€,Look the other day, say hi to walk through the center of Mallorca and there were people on the terraces who know they were drinking ?bottles of water and some a coffee ,people have no money,The first days will come out and then?sorry i hope i hope you who have so much experience in hospitality clarify this for me?thanks Silvana

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