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more than 60% the food delivery business is destined outside the city


Transformative capacity sharing food at home never ceases to amaze. After seeing the spaces shared kitchen or the famous and dark kitchens, prefabricated kitchens points located in strategic communications routes Deliveroo, and virtual establishments Uber Eats, nonexistent outside the sea of ​​data that is internet, It is no wonder that local downtown are no longer a priority for restaurants they intend to base their business in this new paradigm of food consumption.

According to data provided by Uber Eats, one of the few companies sharing food at home with the possibility to gain market hegemony, during 2018 distributions made in the suburbs of New York rose by 50%.

Those who preferred to search a house in the suburbs to live with a little more peace of mind which one can find in the center of New York citizens no longer want, at least, leave the tranquility, comfort and safety of your home to spend time traveling by public transport, nor lose waiting for the service establishment camaraderie attend them.

It is much better, faster and even cheaper, open the application, order the food you want to enjoy and wait while continuing to whatever was being done hitherto. "I ask this through Uber Eats when I do not want to leave the apartment", says a client grill House of ‘Que, a new restaurant New Jersey which just opened.

Of course, New York state is not an isolated case. The same goes for all EE. THE. and probably it will happen soon in the world where increasing food at home is growing at double digits.

He 63% of turnover takeaway is destined outside the city. A trend restoration that has not been slow to be ranked as one of the most crucial during the current year. According to the words of Hudson Riehle, vice president of research National Restaurant Association, «perhaps the sales growth trend in restaurants most important».

Another of home delivery services Food effect, to reach 40% of the total turnover of restaurants 2020 If we take as truthful estimates by analysts Morgan Stanley.

the suburbs, which according to economists and business organization also called as secondary or tertiary markets, They are the great objective of food delivery companies, and there the battle will be waged during this 2019.

in EE. THE. the circumstances predict tough races. While Grubःub is the company that dominates the urban centers with 62% From the market, outside things change; by Dash leads while only pursues Uber Eats a percentage point difference. Between them they account for almost two thirds of the market, GrubHub leaving something behind, whose position on the outskirts gives you a 27% From the market.

The first step seems clear, collaborate with many restaurants residing outside the city center as possible and offer food delivery services that customers normally would not enjoy. But in addition to this initial goal, each of those involved in the sector is trying different things and according to the movements of competitors. Each advance is achieved is copied and, the most important, exported outside the US. THE.

Because, It could be just a matter of time peripheral neighborhoods or villages minor in Spain, where today do not operate or Just Eat ni Uber Eats, they could pass soon be covered. Time will tell.

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