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Celebrity MasterChef received the Iris Award and is revolutionizing social networks with their tweets #MCCelebrity


The program Masterchef Celebrity (The 1 TVE) confirms its media pull this tweet Shine Iberia TV in which alighted happy after receiving the Jury Prize and in achieving a Likes lot both as retuits.

It is the confirmation of a format that has not done more to give joy to your chain and let good times in social networks, and that in this edition of the "Celebrity" version has broken all statistics becoming viral practically every new issue or event that takes place both in the program and the networks with any of its protagonists.

This time it has been under the decimonovenos Iris Awards Academy of Sciences and Television Arts held Tuesday in theaters Kinepolis Ciudad de la Imagen in Madrid. In the meeting met more of 800 Television professionals in Spain, a niche in which we are seeing more related characters or restaurants and gastronomy. The gala was directed and enlivened by two cracks as Raquel Sanchez Silva Y Pedro Aznar of #Likes in #Cero.

We leave the aforementioned Tweet so you can see firsthand the virality dragging #MCCelebrity in every mention it makes in social networks.

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