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May of 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


We started May with bright sunshine in almost the entire country, It is time to enjoy a temperature invites you out, Longer days and a period that is expected fruitful for the hotel sector.

It's time to change the letter -If you have not already done so, incorporating seasonal products, lighter and refreshing dishes, tasty news… Even change the format and the same material, There are many possibilities as you already have other items.

Mayo, time terraces

If you're lucky enough have outdoor terrace you know you have secured a number of customers, but do not stand there, try to separate yourself from the rest somehow, for example, by extending the decoration within the tables on the street. It is always tempting to sit in a nice place with a nice atmosphere in the typical propaganda chairs that make your terrace is the same as the local front. Put some flowers in a small vase on each table, a candle or cushions on the chairs for more comfortable.

If you are someone who do not have space to place street and a couple of tables ingeniártelas you have to make people prefer to be inside your business on the terrace next door. Creates a more relaxed area with a garden furniture simulating, but inside, plays with lights and music room, You can even incorporate small electric water sources.

In addition to the decor you can offer a discount, preparing a special lighter card to take in this area… But remember that you have to know what's inside advertise with original posters on the door entering invite creating a bit of mystery with what they find inside. Of course this also must be strengthened through social networks Restaurant.

This is the month of communions and also the kick-off of the wedding season. Even if your property does not give these services, moving guests take the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine and sightseeing will touch, so stay tuned and do not miss the opportunity to sign new clients.

In the calendar that we show below are a few excuses to do something special and different about your restaurant during this May. Use a festival to a special menu, a typical dish of this date, as oxtail in Madrid, organizes the week of the cap or a few days of a given product -the week of asparagus-. Do not forget solidarity actions, This month you have several causes to raise funds for -Hepatitis, fibromyalgia…-, talks with associations of these diseases and relevant institutions to seek their support.

And you, What do you plan on doing the month of May in your restaurant?

Marketing ideas for restaurants

Calendar Marketing actions DiegoCoquillat.com-Mayo2016Mayo 2016: Calendar of shares of marketing for restaurant

Calendario de mayo 2016

Día 1

  • Día Nacional del postre de chocolate helado (#usa)
  • Día Internacional del Trabajo
  • Día de la Madre
  • Día de los nuevos propietarios (#usa)
  • Día Mundial de la Risa

Día 2

  • Día Nacional de la Trufa (#usa)
  • Día del bebé (#usa)
  • Día de los hermanos y hermanas (#usa)
  • Día Mundial del asma

Día 3

  • Día Nacional de las natillas de chocolate (#usa)
  • Día Mundial de la Libertad de Prensa

Día 4

  • Día Nacional del zumo de naranja (#usa)
  • Día Nacional de cáscara de naranja confitada (#usa)
  • Día Internacional de Bomberos
  • Día de Star Wars (#usa)

Día 5

  • Nacional de la ostra (#usa)
  • Día de los Caricaturistas (#usa)

Día 6

  • Día Nacional de Bebidas (#usa)
  • Día Internacional Sin Dieta
  • Día del Espacio (#usa)

Día 7

  • Día Nacional de asar una pierna de cordero (#usa)
  • Día Nacional del Turismo (#usa)

Día 8

  • Día Nacional de la tarta de crema de coco (#usa)
  • Día Mundial de la Cruz Roja y de la Media Luna Roja

Día 9

  • Día Nacional del Moscato (#usa)
  • Día de Europa

Día 10

  • Día Mundial del Lupus
  • Día Nacional de la gamba (#usa)

Día 11

  • Día Nacional de comer lo que quiera (#usa)

Día 12

  • Día Nacional de nuez dulce de azúcar (#usa)
  • Día Europeo de las PYMEs
  • Día Mundial de la Fibromialgia y del Síndrome de la Fatiga Crónica
  • Día Internacional de la Enfermera

Día 13

  • Día Nacional de la empanada de manzana (#usa)

Día 14

  • Día Nacional Galleta (#usa)
  • Día de la danza del pollo (#usa)
  • Día Nacional del Tren (#usa)

Día 15

  • Día Nacional de la viruta de chocolate (#usa)
  • Día del sombrero de paja (#usa)
  • Día Internacional de las Familias

Día 17

  • Día Nacional de la nuez (#usa)
  • Día Mundial de las Telecomunicaciones
  • Día de Internet

Día 18

  • Día Nacional del Soufflé de queso (#usa)
  • Día Internacional de los museos
  • Día Mundial de la Hepatitis

Día 20

  • Día Nacional quiche Lorraine (#usa)
  • Día Nacional de fiesta de pizza (#usa)
  • Día de las especies en peligro de extinción (#usa)

Día 21

  • Día Nacional de fresas con crema (#usa)
  • Día Mundial del whisky
  • Día Nacional de Camareros (#usa)

Día 22

  • Día Nacional de pudín de vainilla (#usa)
  • Día gótico (#usa)

Día 23

  • Día Mundial de la Tortuga

Día 24

  • Día Nacional de los caracoles (#usa)
  • Día Europeo de los Parques Naturales
  • Día Nacional de la Epilepsia

Día 25

  • Día del Vino (#usa)
  • Día del Orgullo Friki (#usa)
  • Día de la Salud

Día 26

  • Día Nacional del queso con arándanos (#usa)

Día 27

  • Día Nacional del Celíaco

Día 28

  • Día Internacional de la hamburguesa
  • Día Nacional de pechuga (#usa)

Día 29

  • Día Internacional del Personal de Paz de las Naciones Unidas

Día 31

  • Día Nacional del Macaron (#usa)
  • Día Mundial sin tabaco

Aquí puedes descargar el calendario en PDF con las mejores ideas de marketing para restaurantes:

Mayo 2016: Calendario de acciones de acciones de marketing para restaurante

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