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May of 2017: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


May begins, a month that is characterized by good weather. the terraces They are butt, up billing locals who have them, and there are many people on the street, wanting to share with your friends the best moments around a table or at the bar of the bars and restaurants.

It is also a month some very interesting celebrations for the hospitality industry. We tell our marketing tips for this period.

Mother only one

The first Sunday of May in Spain families gather to honor their mothers and restaurants tend to fill. Mother's Day is celebrated this year on Sunday 7 It may and is a good opportunity to raise your billing.

Begins to publicize all your channels that will open that day. Then sets what you want to do, If you offer your usual menu, a menu special closed to guarantee a minimum consumption at each table or promotion style "with an account of more than EUR XX will give you a bottle of XX".

Is not more have a detail with each group, They care for your customers feel and even choose you as a place to celebrate each year with their mothers: nice table center, a flower for every mother, a card or some chocolates. If customers are regulars who book you, Concerned by remembering her know- some culinary preference moms Table, salad or stew always ask, dessert they like. If your restaurant is familiar and you usually have parents of children, You can hire an entertainer or cheerleader to entertain children while parents eat in peace.

An original action is give to the tables blank cards for each person to write something to the mother you are eating with them. Always think about leaving the best impression possible.

1 of May, Bridge International Workers' Day

This year Labor Day falls on a Monday, which means that there will bridge work nationwide, especially in Madrid, where he 2 It is also party to be Community Day.

As usual, mobilization that brings these dates ensures increased workload in some areas and less in others. Begins by emphasizing your schedule (If you're regularly open or shut), Y If you open publish it in all your social networks. If you have a mailing list make a campaign emailing to know that they can visit you and provides some information about what you are preparing: cocktails and live music at your restaurant on the coast, special and seasonal dishes for good weather. In the event that your business is located in an area with the bridge usually diminishes in intensity their work, promoting a special offer, to attract customers those days.

And though you always talk about the tools available on the Net, not forget that there are certain conventional techniques that can always be useful. If your business is located in a tourist area and many visitors at this time, distribute some attractive and well-designed flyers can help. Write your offers on a blackboard or speak to one of your suppliers alcohol, for some kind of event that attracts attention, They are some of your options.

International No Diet Day

This date celebrates, the day 6, the acceptance of the human body and the diversity of its forms. He was promoted in 1992 by Mary Evans Young feminist protest against the industry diet products and to impose a warning about eating disorders anxiety generated by slimming.

You can take this date make a nice campaign promoting your channels somehow body acceptance and enjoyment of good food. Say something like "because there are moments that are without dieting" and a picture of several friends and girlfriends with a glass of beer, or a group around a chocolate cake your letter.

You can even make a campaign on balanced diet that includes little quirks occasionally. The idea is take advantage of the date to give useful information to your current or potential clients, give a responsible brand image and attract customers to your business.

Let's eat burgers!

He 28 It is the International Day Burger, an almost universal plate and, in recent years In our country, He has experienced a boom in terms of consumption gourmet version, which has caused many restaurants count in its gastronomic offer one or more of them.

La fecha es perfecta para lanzar una promoción si tienes hamburguesas en la carta, un menú especial con hamburguesas de autor, ofrecer la versión infantil o mejor aún, un menú familiar por el Día de la Hamburguesa. Una promoción de bebida más tapa de mini-hamburguesa en la barra, y ofrecer en la pizarra o de boca varias versiones para que la gente se anime a probar diferentes posibilidades. Otra opción es una carta aparte de hamburguesas gourmet que solo estará durante unos días por la fecha.

Se trata de un plato que le gusta a casi todo el mundo, aprovecha para sacarle partido.

Haz un pequeño homenaje a tus empleados

Porque el 21 de mayo se conmemora en Estados Unidos el día de los y las camareras. Este mes, en vez de sugerirte una acción por una causa social, lo hacemos para que le rindas un pequeño homenaje a unas personas que son parte fundamental del funcionamiento de tu bar o restaurante.

Haz algo para que ellos sientan que valoras la labor que realizan. Ya sabes lo importante que es dar un buen servicio en sala y es que, si ellos trabajan mal, la percepción del cliente será negativa por muy buena que sea la cocina. Que el menú de ese día sea especial, haz un sorteo entre ellos con un regalo o añade en las propinas un porcentaje de tus ganancias.

Estas son solo algunas sugerencias para las fechas que se celebran en mayo. Hay otras más que puedes ver en el calendario que tienes aquí abajo, aprovecha todos los recursos que dispones para mejorar el rendimiento de tu restaurante y subir tu facturación, ¡feliz mes!

Calendario de Mayo 2017

Mayo de 2017: calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

Mayo de 2017: calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

*Desde el día 30 de Abril hasta el 6 de Mayo se Celebra la Feria de Abril

*En EEUU, este es un mes muy especial con muchas conmemoraciones:

  • Mes Nacional de Espárragos
  • Mes nacional de la barbacoa
  • Mes nacional de la crema de chocolate
  • Mes nacional del huevo
  • Mes Nacional de la Hamburguesa
  • Mes Nacional de la Ensalada
  • Mes Nacional de la Salsa
  • Mes Nacional de la Fresa
  • Mes Nacional de la Foto
  • Mes de Conciencia Celíaca

Día 1

  • Día Internacional de los trabajadores
  • National Chocolate Parfait Day (#usa)

Día 2

  • Día de la Comunidad de Madrid
  • Festival de los patios cordobeses (hasta el día 14)
  • National Truffle Day (#usa)

Día 3

  • National Chocolate Custard Day (#usa)

Día 4

  • Día de StarWars
  • National Orange Juice Day (#usa)
  • National Candied Orange Peel Day (#usa)

Día 6

  • National Beverage Day (#usa)
  • International No Diet Day
  • National Tourist Appreciation Day (#usa)

Día 7

  • National Roast Leg of Lamb Day (#usa)
  • Día de la Madre
  • World Laughter Day (#usa)
  • National Tourism Day (#usa)

Día 8

  • National Coconut Cream Pie Day (#usa)

Día 13

  • Tiempo de Flores en Girona
  • National Apple Pie Day (#usa)

Día 14

  • National Buttermilk Biscuit Day (#usa)
  • Chicken Dance Day

Día 15

  • San Isidro
  • National Chocolate Chip Day (#usa)
  • Straw Hat Day
  • International Day of Families

Día 18

  • National Cheese Souffle Day
  • Visit Your Relatives Day
  • No Dirty Dishes Day

Día 19

  • National Devil’s Food Cake Day
  • National Pizza Party Day

Día 20

  • Feria de Córdoba
  • World Whisky Day
  • National Quiche Lorraine Day

Día 21

  • National Strawberries & Cream Day
  • National Waiters and Waitresses Day

Día 22

  • National Vanilla Pudding Day
  • NationalVanilla Pudding Day
  • NationalVanilla Pudding Day

Día 25

  • Wine Day

Día 26

  • National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
  • World Lindy Hop Day

Día 28

  • International Hamburger Day

Aquí puedes descargar el calendario en PDF con las mejores ideas de marketing para restaurantes en Mayo:

Mayo de 2017: calendario de acciones de marketing para restaurantes

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