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May of 2018: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


May starts, arrive good time and some changes are implemented habits that we must take into account in our restaurant. People were thrown into the street, He wants to take the first rays of summer sun and, If you can be taking something, it's better. The terraces are packed and billing business increases. Come the most anticipated moments for many who want to share with friends or family around a table or bar of a bar either by the beach, in the city or in rural areas.

May is also a month Very interesting celebrations for the hospitality industry and restoration. We tell some of our ideas, marketing advice and tips for this period.

1 of May, the International Workers' Day

Tuesday is the Labor Day. This implies that there may be labor bridge nationwide, especially in Madrid, where the day 2 It is also party to be Community Day. As every year, mobilization that brings these dates ensures increased workload in some areas and less in others.

Begins by emphasizing your schedule (If you're regularly open or shut), Y If you open publish it in all your social networks. If you have a mailing list make a mailing campaign to know that they can visit you and provides some information about what you are preparing: cocktails and live music at your restaurant on the coast, special and seasonal dishes for good weather.

In the event that your business is located in an area with the bridge usually diminishes in intensity their work, promoting a special offer, to attract customers during that time.

And though you always talk about the tools available on the Net, not forget that there are certain traditional techniques that can always be useful. If your business is located in a tourist area and many visitors at this time, distribute some attractive and well-designed flyers can help. Write your offers on a blackboard or offer some sort of tasting passersby may be some simple ways to attract them to your business.

A mother is a mother

The month started strong with a celebration that few leave to celebrate. The first Sunday of May in Spain families gather to honor their mothers and tradition that restaurants are filled. Mother's Day is celebrated this year on Sunday 6 It may and is a occasion to retain, attract new customers, experience new options and increase profits.

Start at the beginning. You must make clear that day your restaurant is open Y, Thus, you have to I do know all channels you have at your fingertips. Then and can devise what will be your strategy for celebration that special day. You want to do? Offer your letter and / or regular menu or set up a special set menu to ensure a minimum consumption at each table or promotion. This is a very important point that must analyze and think well to succeed. Dedicate some time.

If you set your strategy aimed at the complete satisfaction of your guests, It will be a good measure you have some detail with every group or family, or every mother, for example. Your customers will feel care, I will recommend -whether mouth or mouth or with a good digital tip– and even they will choose you as usual place to celebrate each year with their mothers this special day. Think of some original action to make the best possible impression.

Brother and Day of Families

The day 15 May the International Day of Families is celebrated and 24, Brother Day. So you must score both with red on your calendar marketing actions. True, they are not as marked and commemorative days such as Mother, but nothing prevents us from creating something new to attract customers to our local.

To start would be nice to think of a good action to draw attention to our supporters and announce it on social networks. Everyone must know that we are preparing something special for those days. Even if working hours, You do not give up because you can also postpone the celebration for the afternoon / evening.

From this point, You can copy ideas Mother's Day and adapt depending on the circumstances. Cheer up and good luck!

It recognizes the work and efforts of your employees

The day 21 May is commemorated in the United States the day / waitresses. This month, we suggest that you give up a little tribute to some people who are critical of the performance of your bar or restaurant.

It is always important know your employees well and strive to motivate for optimal performance, and this is in the final benefit of diners. Do something to make them feel that you value their work. You know how important it is give good service in room and is that, if they work well, customer perception will be positive and will contribute to the excellence of the dining experience as a whole.

Go for the burgers!

Monday 28 It is the International Day Burger. It is universal dish has experienced a boom in the population, especially, Generation Z, and the milenials, as usual, the smallest of the house that always accompany family. Not to mention the gourmet burger, which spans all types of cards in all kinds of local.

There are all the ingredients, tastes and flavors. So let's do this. We all know several restaurant chains and independent businesses specialized in product. Is a interesting day to consider our calendar marketing actions.

The date is perfect to launch a promotion if you have burgers on the menu, a special menu with burgers author, offer child or best version yet, a familiar menu Hamburger Day. Another alternative may be to offer a promotion drink more top mini burger bar, and offer on the blackboard or mouth several versions so that people are encouraged to try different possibilities. Another option is a gourmet burger separate letter that will only be for a few days by the date.

This is a dish that likes almost everyone, fail to take advantage.

These are just some tips and ideas for dates that take place in May. There are others that you can see on the calendar you have below, uses all the resources that you have to improve your performance and increase your profits restaurant. Happy month!

May Calendar 2018

May of 2018: marketing activities calendar for restaurants - Download the #ClubDiegoCoquillat

*In U.S.A, This is a very special month with many commemorations:

  • National Asparagus Month
  • National Barbecue Month
  • National Month chocolate cream
  • National Egg Month
  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Salad Month
  • National Salsa Month
  • National Strawberry Month
  • National Photo Month
  • Celiac Awareness Month

Day 1

  • International Workers Day
  • National Chocolate Day Perfect (#usa)

Day 2

  • Day Madrid
  • Festival of the patios (until the day 14)
  • National Truffle Day (#usa)

Day 3

  • National Chocolate Custard Day (#usa)

Day 4

  • Day StarWars
  • National Orange Juice Day (#usa)
  • National Candied Orange Peel Day (#usa)

Day 6

  • Mother's Day
  • National Beverage Day (#usa)
  • International No Diet Day
  • National Tourist Appreciation Day (#usa)

Day 7

  • National Roast Leg of Lamb Day (#usa)
  • World Laughter Day (#usa)
  • National Tourism Day (#usa)

Day 8

  • National Coconut Cream Pie Day (#usa)

Day 13

  • Girona Flower Time
  • National Apple Pie Day (#usa)

Day 14

  • National Buttermilk Biscuit Day (#usa)
  • Chicken Dance Day

Day 15

  • San Isidro
  • National Chocolate Chip Day (#usa)
  • Straw Hat Day
  • International Day of Families

Day 18

  • National Cheese Souffle Day
  • Visit Your Relatives Day
  • No Dirty Dishes Day

Day 19

  • National Devil’s Food Cake Day
  • National Pizza Party Day

Day 20

  • World Whisky Day
  • National Quiche Lorraine Day

Day 21

  • National Strawberries & Cream Day
  • National Waiters and Waitresses Day

Day 22

  • National Vanilla Pudding Day
  • NationalVanilla Pudding Day
  • NationalVanilla Pudding Day

Day 24

  • Brother Day

Day 25

  • Wine Day

Day 26

  • National Blueberry Cheesecake Day
  • World Lindy Hop Day

Day 28

  • International Hamburger Day

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants in May:

May of 2018: marketing activities calendar for restaurants - Download the #ClubDiegoCoquillat

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