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May of 2019: Calendar Marketing Actions for restaurants


After Easter the influx of diners at restaurants back down. For this reason, Any tool that can be used to offset this decline will positively affect the collection box. Actions marketing for restaurants that desgranamos below and promotions at restaurants associated with the calendar we provide below will be of great help to the owner during this May.

Days to spend with family

It may contain various festivities to celebrate with family. The most important commercial of all is the Mother's Day. During this celebration is not uncommon to see families go out to eat together to celebrate the role of the mother in the household. Older children often take their elderly mothers to enjoy a day away from home, where they can enjoy a good meal in the company the most precious to them, their children. And small accompany his father, who only wants to reward the tireless work of the mother during the early years of parenting.

This celebration has a curious feature, and is that It is not celebrated in all countries in unison. A) Yes, while in Spain it is dedicated to mothers on the first Sunday of May, in Mexico does the same day 10, in many Latin American countries is chosen the day 12, and in cases like Bolivia the block date to the end of the month (27 of May). In large cities with significant immigrant population disparity of dates allows reuse strategies marketing. Why celebrate Mother's Day only once when you can make up to four times throughout the month?

In addition to mothers, brothers and sisters have their own day EE. UU., and as we know North American country fashions are quick to take hold outside its borders if properly executed. There is also an exclusive day for grandchildren and godchildren, Although this only takes place in Argentina.

With this, it is clear that this is a good month for foster family banquets.

Field whets the appetite

Restaurants are close to striking natural sites are easy to offer a spread to nature lovers this month.

With a little skill to set strategies marketing for restaurants days can be used for the enhancement of environmental heritage as the World Migratory Bird Day, European Day of Natura 2000, the International Day for Biological Diversity, World Turtle Day or European Day of Natural Parks (all of them held in May), as means to stimulate the activity on site.

For it, it may suffice to inform potential customers of the species that dwell around, the typical landscapes that give them shelter, available paths for walking and la carte restaurant offering. We can not forget that watching tourism wild fauna and flora is one of the fastest growing niches in the Spanish tourism.

Parties frikis

As we advanced in March, this month is dominated by two parties frikis unmissable.

The first is the May 4, Day of Star Wars, This year will certainly live with stir thanks to the trailer for the latest film in the saga, Episode IX, which it was recently launched, causing a stir in social networks.

Performance to take this celebration, the movie marathons, Parties of cosplay and opportunities to meet people involved in the development of the franchise (doublers for example) are some of the ways to raise the attention of fans.

In addition to this day, it has also own Pride Day geek Y Internet Day, where new subcultures emerged during the last three or four decades become increasingly important. And is that today we geek no longer it has such negative connotations of the previous century, over the years it has become mainstream, so that millennials and later generations consume content related to the world geek everyday.

Summer is coming

Finally we can not fail to overlook that May is the last month that takes place entirely in the spring, and therefore serves as a bridge to summer. During these thirty-one days expect gentle and warm weather in most of the peninsula, and so it Perfect to promote the environment terrace and cookouts. None pass these opportunities!

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1 of May

  • National Day Chocolate Parfait (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Mother Goose (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of School Principals (OF. UU.)
  • National Day New Homeowners (OF. UU.)
  • International Workers' Day
  • Second day of the Beer Festival in Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • Closing of the XXIII Gastronomic Days of the Verdura in Calahorra (The Rioja)
  • Closing of the XI Gastronomic Days of El Puig (Valencian Community)
  • Hotel opening Tapa Tour 2019 in Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • Hotel opening Tapa Tour 2019 in Madrid
  • Hall "Masqueso" Astorga (Castilla y León)

2 of May

  • National Day Truffle (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Baby (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of the Brothers and Sisters (OF. UU.)
  • World Day to Combat Bullying
  • Day Madrid
  • Hall "Masqueso" Astorga (Castilla y León)

3 of May

  • National Day Cream Chocolate (OF. UU.)
  • National Day mismatched shoes (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of the Paranormal (OF. UU.)
  • Hall "Masqueso" Astorga (Castilla y León)
  • Gastronomic route tuna Conil de la Frontera (Cádiz)
  • Wine and Gastronomic day in Frailes (Jaén)
  • Tapeando opening with nougat by Jijona 2019 (Alicante)

4 of May

  • National Day Orange Juice (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Candied Orange Peel (OF. UU.)
  • International Firefighters Day
  • National day not wear pants (OF. UU.)
  • Day of Star Wars
  • Hall "Masqueso" Astorga (Castilla y León)
  • Wine and Gastronomic day in Frailes (Jaén)
  • Gourmeeting: Alternatives to Wheat workshop in Fairmont (Barcelona)

5 of May

  • Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)
  • National Day to hold hands (OF. UU.)
  • National Day cartoonists (OF. UU.)
  • National Free Comics Day (OF. UU.)
  • Mother's Day (Spain)
  • Hall "Masqueso" Astorga (Castilla y León)
  • Chanfaina party Fuente de Cantos (Badajoz)
  • Historical Wine Fair in Navaridas (Álava)

6 of May

  • National Day Drinks (OF. UU.)
  • National Appreciation Day towards tourists (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Without Tasks (OF. UU.)
  • World Laughter Day
  • International No Diet Day

7 of May

  • National Day Palette Braised Lamb (OF. UU.)
  • National Tourism Day (OF. UU.)
  • Mining Day (Argentina)

8 of May

  • National Day of Coconut Cream Pie (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Without Socks (OF. UU.)
  • World Day of Red Cross and Red Crescent

9 of May

  • National Day of Wine Moscato (OF. UU.)
  • National School Nurses Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Receptionists Day (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Night Shift Workers (OF. UU.)
  • Europe Day

10 of May

  • National Day Camarones (OF. UU.)
  • National Day-Night (OF. UU.)
  • Mother's Day (Mexico)
  • Sabor Salou 2019 in Salou (Tarragona, Catalonia)

11 of May

  • National day to eat what you want (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Military Spouse (OF. UU.)
  • National Day In the limits of reality (OF. UU.)
  • World Day of migratory birds
  • Sabor Salou 2019 in Salou (Tarragona, Catalonia)

12 of May

  • National Day Fudge with Nuts (OF. UU.)
  • International Nurses Day
  • European SME Day
  • Mother's Day (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela)
  • Day Godson and Nieto (Argentina)
  • Closure of the Beer Festival in Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • Tuna days in Benidorm (until the day 12 in Alicante)
  • Sabor Salou 2019 in Salou (Tarragona, Catalonia)

13 of May

  • National Day Apple Pie (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Frog Jump (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Leprechaun (OF. UU.)

14 of May

  • National Day Butter Biscuits (OF. UU.)
  • National Day The dance of birds (OF. UU.)
  • Engineer's Day (Chile)

15 of May

  • National Day Chocolate Cookies (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Straw Hat (OF. UU.)
  • International Day of Families
  • National Day of Remembrance of the Justices (OF. UU.)
  • Teacher's Day (Mexico and Colombia)

17 of May

  • National Day tart cherries (OF. UU.)
  • National Nut Day (OF. UU.)
  • World Baking Day
  • Internet Day
  • International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
  • World Recycling Day
  • World Telecommunication Day
  • World Hypertension Day
  • Navy Day (Argentina)
  • Galician Literature Day
  • Gastrotour opening in Salou (Alicante)
  • Pesquera fair in Bermeo (Vizcaya)

18 of May

  • National Day Cheese Souffle (OF. UU.)
  • National Holiday with Pizza (OF. UU.)
  • World Whiskey Day
  • National Day to visit family (OF. UU.)
  • National Day No Dirty Dishes (OF. UU.)
  • National Threatened Species Day (OF. UU.)
  • International Museum Day
  • Day Escarapela (Argentina)
  • Pesquera fair in Bermeo (Vizcaya)
  • Anchovy Day in Ondarroa (Vizcaya)

19 of May

  • National Day of devil's food cake (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Boys and Girls Clubs (OF. UU.)
  • World Pastry Day
  • Pesquera fair in Bermeo (Vizcaya)

20 of May

  • National Day Quiche Lorraine (OF. UU.)
  • National Day to Be A Millionaire (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Learn to Swim (OF. UU.)
  • Chefs & Kids 2019 (Málaga)

21 of May

  • National Day of strawberries and cream (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Service camaraderie (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Vanilla Pudding (OF. UU.)
  • World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
  • European Day of Natura 2000
  • Naval glories (Chile)
  • 6º Gastronomic Salon de Canarias' Gastrocanarias " (Santa Cruz of Tenerife)

22 of May

  • National Day Góticos (OF. UU.)
  • International Day for Biological Diversity
  • 6º Gastronomic Salon de Canarias' Gastrocanarias " (Santa Cruz of Tenerife)

23 of May

  • Chewable National Candy Day (OF. UU.)
  • World Turtle Day
  • National Day Lucky Penny (OF. UU.)
  • 6º Gastronomic Salon de Canarias' Gastrocanarias " (Santa Cruz of Tenerife)

24 of May

  • National Day of the Caracoles (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Brother (OF. UU.)
  • National Day Tiara (OF. UU.)
  • European Day of Natural Parks

25 of May

  • National Wine Day (OF. UU.)
  • Pride Day geek
  • National Tap Dance Day (OF. UU.)
  • Africa Day
  • May revolution (Argentina)

26 of May

  • National Day Lindy Hop (OF. UU.)
  • Day of the book (Uruguay)
  • Closure of Tapeando with nougat by Jijona 2019 (Alicante)
  • Gastrotour closing in Salou (Alicante)

27 of May

  • Memorial Day (OF. UU.)
  • Day of the native language (Peru)
  • Mother's Day (Bolivia)

28 of May

  • International Day Burger
  • National Day Brisket (OF. UU.)
  • National Nutrition Day

30 of May

  • National Day Mint Julep (OF. UU.)
  • National Day of Health and Welfare for the Elderly (OF. UU.)
  • Canary Day

31 of May

  • World No Snuff
  • Day Castilla-La Mancha
  • Closure of Tapa Hotel Tour 2019 in Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • Closure of Tapa Hotel Tour 2019 in Madrid

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