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But Mazi, restaurant refugee women


London triumphs sustainable restaurant that only work immigrant women whose raw materials are organic products from local farms.

Greek, Mazi Mas means "with us", London also means opportunity thanks to Nikandre Kopcke, founder of itinerant restaurant Mazi Mas. It is a social enterprise, a global house that is cooked to the public and which creates employment for immigrant women and refugees.

Different countries, different languages, different nationalities come together and live in harmony in the kitchen But Mazi, because as the workers themselves say, in the kitchen all speak the same language. Hearing them describe their work the smell of home cooking comes to the nose, that smell that evokes love, passion and love for what you do.

The vision of this global restaurant and itinerant, as they say on their website, It is a world in which women are full participants, There are equal and independent in public life. His work is valued, His voice is heard and ability rewarded. And they provide opportunities for women who aspire to a career in the food industry to gain experience, develop their skills, tell their stories and connect with the audience.

In Mazi Mas cooked the kind of food that workers and founder like, simple meal, full of flavor and deeply rooted in the rich cultural traditions of each country of origin of the cooks. They get their products from farms around London and take pride in saying that use local ingredients, seasonal and sustainable, and not because it is fashionable, but because that is how their mothers taught them to cook.

London theater Ovalhouse, He is known for experimental and political theater and dedication to the development of excluded communities, It is a natural home for Mazi Mas. His menu changes daily Ovalhouse depending on who is in the kitchen, so your customers can follow them on Twitter to find out what is cooking every day: @eatmazimas.

further, advised to book a table to avoid disappointment, because they have been very busy lately. On their website you can find the phone number and download the full menu.

Mazi Mas is a particularly appropriate restaurant for private events and weddings of all sizes. They specialize in privacy, transport of dining experiences that manage to draw stories of migration through food and forge personal connections between cooks and diners. Fusion menus are unusual custom made and perfect for communal banquets.

How could it be otherwise, the history of this itinerant restaurant begins with a woman, Maria Maroulli. He was born on the island Euboea, in Greece, and she married a carpenter. After the military coup 1967 they moved to the United States with her two children. They moved there in those places where her husband could find work. When installed in Astoria, the Greek part of Queens, their children left home and Mary spent most of her time alone. With only a primary education and rudimentary English, Mary was not qualified for most jobs. He loved America but even after fifteen years there not part of her was. I wanted to open a bakery but it never happened, her husband would not hear of it, women did not work, They looked after children. So, Mary responded to an announcement of the Greek newspaper that requested a nanny and began caring for a baby two months.

A quarter century later, that baby two months is a woman who is in London. Childhood, her godmother Maria had instilled his passion for food and cooking. This led her to volunteer in soup kitchens. There he met many women like her godmother: immigrant women who could not find work or were not entitled to it and did not receive any support to settle their feet in a new place. These women were voluntary because they wanted to use their culinary qualities, gain experience, meet people and help their communities. Y, especially, They have dreamed, someday, their own food businesses, there came this business idea.

Iran, Ethiopia, Turkey, Senegal, Peru and Nicaragua are the countries from which these women have come to UK. Each has a story, a dream, a passion and work in Mazi Mas has meant for them a great opportunity and, Besides, They have known women in similar situations.

Mazi Mas in working with women who have been outside the labor market for many years and are struggling to find work for different reasons. It may be that they have interrupted their career to have children, because they encounter racial discrimination, because they lack contact with professional networks or because their foreign credentials are not recognized. Thus, from Mazi Mas seek to break the cycle of unemployment by offering intensive and comprehensive support at a time when these women most in need. For the moment, Mazi three chefs are more in the process of developing their ideas for their own food businesses.

In Mazi But the food is not only a pleasure for your guests but also for their cooks. A restaurant that shows solidarity and mutual support can also be a successful business model.

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