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McAloo Tikki, Another proposal vegan burger McDonald's


Market vegan substitutes It does not stop growing. in EE. THE. the number of vegans has increased fivefold in the last five years, and the trend does not seem to go away now reverse that besides ethical criteria scientific information exists to support free diets animal products.

Many brands food and catering business and strive to adapt to the dietary needs of this cohort of people. No one can miss the opportunity to enter a new market niche that moves thousands and thousands of millions of euros per year.

A) Yes, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Unilever, Heinz force, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Domino’s and many other names of great relevance in the market are researching products or vegan diet are incorporated directly Articles.

Another company looking to resonate with consumers is Vegans McDonald’s. The famous hamburger chain has just released a limited extent in US. THE. a burger made entirely of ingredients suitable for fans of veganism.

This is the McAloo Tikki.

We talk about a hamburger simple but appetizing appearance. Bread without sesame seeds, smooth and perfect invites you to sink your teeth. Who does it will be a surprise to taste the steak; McDonald’s, away from betting on a substitute that could fool the senses, choose to turn our expectations completely with a dollop of spiced potatoes and peas high consistency and pleasant taste. The mild taste of this combination collides with crispy batter bread, while tomato mayonnaise, onion rings and a pair of tomato slices close the assembly with freshness.

Unfortunately for fans of veganism, for the curious and for those without food critics fear new experiences, the McAloo Tikki It is only available at McDonald's headquarters in Chicago, establishment in the success of this product in the market will be tested. Those who can not visit the US city, they can always try in India, where is, since many years, the most popular burger market.

If you meet the company expectations, which they are very high because they see this burger as an opportunity to lead the fast food market in organized vegan restaurant, We hope that other groups not so concerned about animal welfare or global climate change is aimed at the fashion of the McAloo Tikki.

The reasons are obvious.

First, differences in many other burgers Company, this You do not have any allergen ingredient. In this way, It becomes an item wildcard for those who have to be aware of what foods to eat.

On the other hand, It contains only the McAloo Tikki 353 kilocalorías. This makes it one of best burgers to indulge in times of diet or not to leave too much of the healthy nutrition habitual. To make comparative, Take the example of Big Mac, which is an intake 610 kilocalorías. further, the amount of fat vegan burger is very small, 14 grams, of which only one third are saturated fats.

Previous experience with vegetarianism McDonald's puts the brand in a unique position to bring successful products to the western market. It should be noted that the Indian population led menu is completely vegetarian to not cause detachment in a largely Hindu demographic that reveres cows as sacred animals.

We hope the exit of the McAloo Tikki land of the subcontinent have good reception and soon also see in Spain, where 7.8% of the population is veggie.

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