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McDonald's commitment to workers over 55 years


In a recent press release issued jointly by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and the famous hamburger chain McDonald’s, Close collaboration between leading global corporation fast food segment of organized restoration and the foundation managed from the nonprofit organization was announced.

With that, AARP seeks to serve its last mission, to guarantee there is no poverty among older pensioners residing in the United States. This time he will try to achieve this by offering jobs under a reduced schedule boards Private ads that have access to members of society.

Meanwhile McDonald's is committed to providing a safe space for these higher labor, as well as a financial reward that will help them overcome the vicissitudes which may face.

By the great eme, the initiative has a strong component of social commitment with which he intends to appeal to the masses and improve their brand image, but the decision to participate with the AARP Foundation also responds to a previously tested labor strategy.

Older workers have had a lifetime to develop skills to convey difficult. Many of those lucky enough to get a job in the company accumulated a lifetime labor exceeding forty. With such experience their skills to resolve conflicts, properly serve customers and communicate with other workers of the workforce they are much higher than those observed among those who only have a history.

McDonald's seeks to value these unique skills to train younger.

It is well known that young students looking for their first job are one of the main sources of recruitment in this segment of the catering industry. However in recent years the demand for this kind of positions has been reduced substantially.

At the same time there has been growing discontent among those working in the segment, since in most cases the salaries paid are not worthy. A) Yes the rate of replacement workers has soared to new heights, as young, increasingly, see these positions as a bridge to a more favorable contract in any other sector.

Because, now more than ever, it is important to set young workers able, but this profile is not as common as you would from the upper echelons of the corporation. One of the biggest impediments to retain newcomers to the labor workers are their communication skills. Often conflicts erupt within the template, and it is not unusual for clients to submit complaints about the way in which the younger staff has addressed them.

Workers senior make now a 11% of total employees of McDonald's. They often hold positions of responsibility within establishments, Its main task ensure the proper functioning of the local. It is not uncommon vertical command structure prevents these more experienced workers to pass on their skills to young. Why bet the hamburger chain now is to ensure that over 55 years have a place in box, in the kitchen and in general service local (camaraderie and cleaning if necessary).

In these positions the interaction between older and younger workers It is expected to be enriching for both parties. We say both sides because in addition to receiving compensation for their services, seniors who accept offers McDonald's through the AARP Foundation typically have a second objective in mind: escape the monotony with the retired life has condemned them.

With a 40% of late adolescents in their ranks, McDonald's provides these workers with ample come a unique work environment where they can become familiar with new technologies and new currents of thought emerged. This in turn has a demonstrably positive effect on your mood, Psychological and their general health.

With the summer campaign of McDonald's already finished, and the 250 000 this entails additional jobs under review, it is likely that many of the retirees who have come through the AARP extend their stay in the hamburgueserías of the five US states. THE. which it has carried out the pilot. Analyzing the results of the project the board of the American branch of the corporation in charge, that already showed their curiosity about the results at the end of April this year, when the first news emerged about the experience.

Retirees return to jobs in the world of restoration seems to be a reality that is materializing before our eyes. According to National Restaurant Association EE. UU., demographic segment has experienced higher growth in their hiring pace between 2007 Y 2018 It corresponds to the largest of 55 years.

Maybe this new trend will result in the old complaint that is difficult to work with younger generations dissolve. Here's hoping it, for the good of all concerned.

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