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McDonald's buys a company artificial intelligence to predict customer orders


Giant burgers McDonald’s blunting takes several years with good results. It has not been easy to achieve. The epidemic of obesity that is hitting US. THE. and other first world countries has made many realize that you need to take care of food and give preference to healthy foods, at the expense of fast food. Changes in consumption were noted in the turnover of McDonald's and other fast food restaurants.

To try to overcome, the directors of the company decided to pounce on niche markets that are not normally associated. A) Yes, while opening hours are diversified, when McDonald's introduced its system breakfasts I was also entering the race for attracting the worker mañanero, so that other restaurants that had never been rivals (think of Dunkin’ Donuts O Starbucks, for example), They came to compete directly with the hamburguesería.

The latest front with which McDonald's has managed to sustain its continued growth has been in home food delivery. For it has enjoyed the collaboration UberEats. This cooperation is still very young, but he has already borne fruit. In addition to reaching more places, McDonald's is also putting in value the own company public distribution to reach more people.

With all this, hamburger brand has finally come out of the torpor it in the bag that was in.

From the headquarters of Chicago it has announced that McDonald's would make the purchase of the emerging company Dynamic Yield. This company belongs to the technology sector is dedicated to development of artificial intelligence systems. worth 300 million and headquartered in Israel, the acquisition of the company will have no effect on the stock market value of shares of McDonald's, but let us glimpse a perspective of market strategy chain fast food restaurants, what commitment to digital processing of the catering sector forcefully.

Dynamic Yield will be responsible for updating the POS terminals used by McDonald's today. Thanks to software to design the company will be able to use new utilities, such as orders that will predict users or propose items to add to order those consumers who are most likely to pay for them.

If the technology developed by the start-up Israeli meets expectations giant restoration, the new integrated POS terminal system would Perceived increase the volume of business establishments without changing the flow al local. In the same way, It is intended to reduce the incidence of the queues within the walls of restaurants, making waiting times more reduced through the use of technology: time using a diner to make your order from one of the touch positions could eventually be halved.

This acquisition is the largest McDonald's has done over the past two decades. Why not buy only part of the company? The reason why the directive has not opted for this model responds to purchase competing interests. McDonald's is currently the largest land restoration business in US. UU., and its world-leading position is also assured. However as it is seen in a recent report Technomics, the positions of restaurant brands with the highest turnover dance on top 10: Burger King Y Wendy’s They have been displaced during 2018, for example. By buying directly development company IA Dynamic Yield, McDonald's makes sure that none of its competitors have access to these innovations technological.

This is the way in which the company intends to maintain its advantageous position, making rivals like Wendy's, Starbucks o Yum! Brands are delayed in their digital processing.

Brokerage analysts who have followed the case closely believe that no other motives behind this purchase. Although it is a lengthy amount, we must bear in mind that these 300 million for the purchase of Dynamic Yield pales in comparison to 5920 million that the company clown Ronald obtained as net profit for 2018.

A) Yes, investors do not anticipate significant changes in the price of company shares, that at the time of writing this article are worth 181.67 euros. Nor remarkable growth is expected in coming years, well after 42 years in bag, the company is in a period of maturity. All that remains to be seen is how about the giant manages to direct the activity of a purely technology company.

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