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McDonald's gives a 180 degree turn to the traditional straw with the new STRAW


There are times that innovation can come from the simplest and settled parts of business and revolutionize concepts unique way. This is the case of the new straw McDonald's. Yes, yes, what you read correctly. This world-renowned brand has a group of engineers working to reinvent the concept of traditional straw to achieve the new STRAW.


Following the release of his new drink, el Chocolate Shamrock, McDonald's has decided to turn over the straw and invest their way to jot. In this way, adding a series of holes on the lateral and the bottom, They ensure that customer experience slurping integrates all flavors of mixed drinks. In the news published by Fast Company you can see different moving images that show how this advanced drinking straw.

The creation process began shortly technological way. NK teams and JACE Design Labs, responsible for this little piece of engineering, They began slurping tests with different prototypes of straw, cups with the same proportion of oil and water. After each sip, spitting into a container, thanks to what could be determining the amount of one and the other were absorbing liquid.


When they finally reached the proportion 50/50, They began the test with real milkshakes McDonald's that stored in a refrigerator in the laboratory. After more than 100 smoothies, the teams managed to refine the size and diameter holes and straw for performing the optimal mix beverages combined.

McDonald's will distribute in their establishments 80 cities nail 2.000 units of the new STRAW for free. If finally it is successful, They begin to manufacture them in mass global form. And it is that this small step for giants fast food, You may end up a big step for those who love smoothies.

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