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McDonald's via Youtube explains the secret why their food is so cheap


One of the biggest barriers to the implementation of a strategy Social Media Restauranting It is the involvement of the entire organization, what I call the “SMR commitment”

Small restaurants in many of the owners and employees are neither informed, or formed, nor motivated, nor they have time to bring their value to this joint strategy resulting in a better relationship with your customers, something that should not be questioned because it directly influences the economic sustainability of the restaurant and working positions of each.

In large companies it does not happen very different and there is usually very little involvement of both senior management and the middle management, It is usually the department shift in collaboration with an agency that solves the ballot 2.0.

Therefore today I share with my readers again another example of McDonald's Canada and that fantastic page is “Our Food. Your Questions” where customers can leave their questions. Here is the own John Betts, president and CEO of the company that answers the question.

You will agree with me that is not very common for someone who runs a company 1.400 restaurants this example of commitment to a strategy of Social Media restauranting.

The question at hand is, Why McDonald's food is so cheap? Here you have the answer:

What do you think about this strategy of McDonald's?Do you think that should implement other large companies?

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