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McDonald's shows the world the secret of their chips through social networks


The restaurant chain McDonald’s sigue con su política de transparencia, showing through different social networks the internals of your products and your company.

A few months ago, thanks to the magnificent portal of questions that are available to its customers in Canada, “Our Food. Your Questions” and responding to a client, They showed us through a video, because the pictures of ads are different from the actual burgers.

This time is a video posted on Youtube again answering several questions from customers related to their famous fries:

It is very interesting strategy SMR (Social Media Restauranting) which is carrying out McDonald's, una de las mayores cadenas de restaurantes del mundo, knowing closer to its customers in a different way, human and authentic, openly showing the internal processes of manufacturing some of its main food and giving your customers the importance it deserves.

It is a clear example of the new challenges that the industry faces restaurants and many other businesses should, how much less, think about it.

What do you think about this strategy of McDonald's?Do you think that should implement other companies in the sector?

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