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McDonald's offers 250.000 jobs through Snapchat


The application for sending short videos Snapchat, It has proven useful for more than just visual communication among young people through messages that disappear shortly. And is that Millennials are going to be able to use their preferred application to apply for a job in the McDonald’s.

The most famous American fast food chain in the world He has collaborated with this application to serve as a means of achieving a job in one of its restaurants from summer 2017, offering a total of 250.000 posts of work.

This new, We found in the Canadian half www.notable.ca, talks about the possibility of finding a job at McDonald's, but what is more exciting is the idea of ​​seeing Snapchat as a new tool to offer and get a job.

Target shared between the application and the restaurant

McDonald's has used perfectly popularity among millennials to attract a good number of candidates aged between 16 and the 24 years. the ideal circumstance given that the public majority, he “Buyer person” application and chain, match to perfection.

The company is already sending invitations directly and who are interested in getting a job this way, They can start sending their “Snaplications”.

A new way of thinking about delivering a curriculum

Do you sound applications that have the camera on Instagram, camera or Facebook that allow agrandarte eyes, put yourself ons, etc.? As the "Snaplications" allow users through a special filter Snapchat, Be placed Cap, apron or label with the name McDonald worker 's to record video in this manner the application, which will last about 10 seconds and send.

So that, a 'Snaplications "not a substitute for a job interview but It is a presentation of the candidate. Although the company has not been able to clarify with certainty whether sending these Snaplications gives some sort of advantage over other job seeker, He said that taken into account.

In Australia, which it was the first site to implement this function to apply for a job at McDonald's, by managers He served to find that positive and sparkling personality seeking an employee for its restaurants fast food.

Undoubtedly, This is a new sample as digital processing It is impacting the overall management of a company, this time applied to recruitment for employment. We look forward to the evolution of this campaign Snapchat and other social networks in the field of search and achievement of a job.

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