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McDonald's received wide acclaim for his announcement on Twitter use paper straws in their restaurants


McDonald’s is the latest restaurant chain in the UK has joined the fight against plastic straws, posed a real problem for the ecosystem of our planet. The hamburger company announced on their social media accounts starting a trial period straws paper in place of plastic (recyclable) they keep behind the counter and only if the customer will order them.

In this way, the fast food chain aims “go green”. And the reactions to this announcement, widely shared and commented on the Net, They have not been made to wait. While most welcomed the action taken, according to the global fight against plastic waste in local, supermarkets and restaurants, many followers / customers ask and require McDonald's to intensify its commitment and that, for example, also remove other plastic objects like balloons or packaging of some products.

Then, We share with you some of the most significant reactions on Twitter:


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