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McDonald's will distribute food delivery orders for drone technology thanks to Uber Elevate


McDonald’s hybrid model continues to expand its sales outside the local, and this time do it again the hand of his usual partner in these conflicts: Uber Eats.

The giant home food delivery will help the hamburger chain that their orders arrive with shorter waiting times for customers. At the same time it enhances the user experience of customers who prefer to consume the products of McDonald's from the comfort of your home, the leader in the fast food company try a model of autonomous delivery would significantly reduce the costs associated with transport food: a drone delivery.

Drones are not unheard distribution in the world of restoration. Some nearby restaurants and golf clubs used in EE. UU., Y Domino’s Pizza, standard of technology implementation in the world of restoration, He has also flirted with them. Nevertheless, so far none of the initiatives employing flying machines has far-reaching. Pilot schemes have ended without great cause stir, O applications have been restricted to very specific niches.

Uber Eats aims to give a complete reversal of this reality. This year has begun testing a prototype drone delivery in the city of San Diego (California, OF. UU.) a very characteristic way.

Until now, the delivery drones They had not been very successful because their autonomy is rather low, these machines are not ready to make big tours, and when loaded with food orders, energy needs increase above normal. Drones are not suitable for many takeoffs and landings in the same way, the necessary momentum to rise represents an unacceptable additional consumption.

Thus, so far only used drones had been cast in the suburban area. Garden houses offered a perfect target for a small load drop parachute in which the food was staying. Thus the drone did not need to stop.

But in large cities this is not a possibility. To impose the difficulties set by the technological limitations of delivery drones, Uber has developed a system pairing between commercial UAV and autonomous cars which has operated in the city. The drone can land on the car to pick up an order and complete the last leg of the journey, thus reducing the maximum power consumption by the drone. It is also expected that cars serve as a charging station for flying devices.

The initiative It is part of the strategic line Uber Elevate the Uber, through which new services aim to provide air distribution to customers. Initial tests have already been completed in cooperation with the San Diego State University, Y the last hurdle to overcome are strict regulations regarding the FAA imposes drones in US. THE.

When public institution finally approve the use of drones sharing Uber, McDonald's will be the first company to benefit from the new charter fleet. It will not be the only restaurant that you do, two other local companies have also wanted to be pioneers in their jobs.

With a range of about 25 suspended kilometers and vertical takeoff capability thanks to its six rotors, Elevate Uber UAVs begin to soar to a height of about 400 meters above the surface from next summer. So that, It will be in the mid 2020 when the first commercial deliveries will begin in San Diego run through this system.

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