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McDonald's and its new challenge against global warming


The acceleration of global warming is a fact and the fight against this scourge concerns all industries. Large restaurant chains are not indifferent to the need to rethink the future of our planet. The strategy McDonald’s, in this sense, already it is drawn. His goal now until 2030 will be reduced by 36% the emission of greenhouse gases below levels 2015, as it announced by the CEO of the hamburger chain, Steve Easterbrook.

As explained in an article in USA Today, the roadmap of the new commitment of McDonald's equivalent to taking the road 32 million vehicles a year, which is remove 150 metric tons of emissions greenhouse effect on earth atmosphere.

The hamburger giant has also promised to place special emphasis on the categories that make up most of its carbon footprint: the production of beef, energy use in restaurants, supply, packaging and waste. These are responsible for about 64% emissions global McDonald's and the goal is to reduce.

And how do you expect to get this challenge 2030? Chain arises modify various modus operandi in the production process with suppliers and franchises. Adopt practices more sustainable agriculture and livestock, recyclable packaging renew, use LED lighting and cooking equipment with low energy consumption are some of the measures to be implemented.

A study was published in the British journal Nature Climate Change, our planet have warmed up at least two degrees later this century, and it seems unlikely that this figure can be reduced although it would take a thousand and one action against this adverse effect. According to scientists, he process seems irreversible in this period.

Likewise, in line with the global movement against plastics and packaging, McDonald's unveiled last January its intention to provide a recycling system to all its premises and that all containers are made from renewable materials 2025.

For a healthier and organic food

The Illinois-based company is also working to make them healthier menus. In its personal Twitter account, Easterbrook was proud of the progress made in this direction by putting the focus on families and, especially, children.

McDonald's began working five years ago Alliance for a Healthier Generation in creating balanced meals options. Their plans, with another challenge to 2022, The restaurant chain plans add new jobs and restructure the section Happy Meal.

further, in early March, the chain has announced that Quarter Pounders burgers and Signature Recipes Crafted, made with fresh beef and unfrozen, you can taste in restaurants in the United States in early May. A declaration of intent on their route to ecological, healthy and sustainable.

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