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Mendoza, Silicon Valley wine


I took countless trips to Mendoza and I have to recognize that everyone is different. On each trip I discover something new that surprises me. Mendoza is the richest region in Argentina wines, with the 70% production of wine country.

In the last decades, has achieved a high international level and have the recognition experts as Parker or Suckling, and a wide acceptance of the world's most demanding markets.

The viniculture industry in Argentina He has had several key moments, which they have caused conceptual changes, changing the way wine making, its profile and features.

The complexity of the wine is determined by the elements involved in it. And the wealth of Mendoza where they all have the same size as the Cordillera and condors that fly. Sunshine hours, the amplitude of the temperature between day and night, the variety of alluvial soils, the talent of the people involved in the processes and strains that have adapted beautifully and some love of terroir as Malbec.

Each jump has a dynamic quality human agent and enhancer. Michelle Roland He influenced to convert Argentine wines in more international wines; balanced, with less edges, easier acceptance in the world. Along with Daniel Pi, one of the best winemakers in Argentina, They created the iconic Iscay, an inevitable reference. The latest vintages produced by Iscay Daniel Pi Y Marcelo Belmonte They are certainly one of the most awarded jewels.

Roberto Cypress It came with all the burden of the Italian tradition to tell us that Argentina could not only be Malbec, but should be terroir; which starred a new revolution. The varietal lost prominence on the labels and farms began to tell each floor speaking in wine. He has left us some gems that take forever in my taste memory. Today continues with projects in regions and unthinkable heights, I hope that soon surprise us.

The peculiarity of the soil

Mendoza has an impressive mountain range with some of the highest peaks in the world. mountain rivers on which we enjoy rafting with friends like Javier Gila and Diego Coquillat.

When you look west and see the snowy peaks 6.000 O 7.000 meters, You think they have always been there, but it's not like that. Those mountains are today, They were seabed and are full of fossils, not all small. You can find fossils of giant animals that lived in the sea and now lie thousands of meters high.

But the most important geological legacy who have left us for millions of years, no doubt the alluvial soil, different, constantly changing within a few meters and surprises with new features.

And there appears Sebastián Zuccardi to change the way we understand and wine making. He and his team They classified in its Bodega Piedra Infinita every meter of land and subdivided into polygons as soil characteristics, giving way to micro elaborations, each with a different personality.

Sebastian has decided that the land speak in wine, each cup tell us a different story on the planet, a sensation, a past of millions of different years.

It has changed metal fermentation by concrete, has minimized the impact of the oak and called each came with a different name and surname. The wines have ceased to be an average of the same strain to become a wine unique and unrepeatable.

Sebastián Zuccardi, inbred bodegueros, He has left a mark that will remain for many years in Argentina vitivinicultura. Is the bearer of a new barrage, this time of sensations and emotions. One before and one after.

Therefore, Mendoza has become over the years one of the most innovative areas of wines from around the world, an ecosystem where converge in a unique way natural elements with talent and establishment of people who have dedicated their lives to understand the land where they live.

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