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Less customer but restaurant sales


I would like to share with my readers, a reflection on a situation that is beginning to produce fairly widespread in the restaurant industry in recent months, y es una relación inversa entre el número de clientes y las ventas.

We can see an example in the American market:

Relationship between veins and customers in restaurants

Although there was a significant decrease in the number of customers, sales did not decline at the same rate.

But, What are the reasons that can explain this phenomenon are?

From my point of view, There are several reasons for this, ya que lo habitual sería que una disminución de clientes provocara una disminución de ventas igual o de mayores proporciones.

There are external elements, which they are directly affecting the decline in customers, such as winter temperatures in recent months, but at the same time, se confirma que los restaurantes han optimizado su eficiencia en la gestión de los costes frente a las variaciones en las ventas.

But, there is a fact, that above any other, I would highlight, y es la confirmación por parte de los clientes del incremento del gasto en los restaurantes, caused by different circumstances, pero especialmente por una disminución de su valoración sobre elementos como descuentos, offers and promotions, betting on a higher quality of your dining experience even though this entails a higher average ticket.

Definitely, although there are fewer customers, these are consuming and spending more, lo que justifica el incremento de las ventas de los restaurantes, it seems that the time of the “OFERTON” Y “rebajones” in restaurants comes to an end.

This presents us with a picture medium and long term, very interesting for the sector, since at the time the increase in customer traffic remain constant, that surely will occur as a result of an improvement in the overall economy, los restaurantes van a incrementar exponencialmente sus ganancias.

these processes, decrease in customers from sales increases, often they reflect an adjustment and optimization in a market, and in some cases, even, They anticipate a likely change of cycle, We'll be alert.

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