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#MenúDeNavidad restaurant and legend that had no free tables


The title of this article may sound trilogy you have in film 12 followed hours, Nothing could be further from the truth: Christmas fill a restaurant it is not easy, But not impossible. To get a #NoFreeTables just deal of patience, having a team (internal and external) you support the 100% and promote the right way your best sales tool for these dates: the Christmas menu.

Read the word Christmas in October could make you think Are not you going a little fast? But if still hot! Well let me tell you although hot weather… Your Christmas has already begun. Yours and many restaurants. Think only one thing: If supermarkets ago 2 weeks are selling nougat and lardy How you're not going to prepare Christmas menus?

Your customers are becoming more farsighted and more time organizing their Christmas events. compare proposals in their usual restaurants with time, and to organize a meal with 10/12 people is not easy. Quadratic date, everyone has available the same hours, the group see the menu and everyone seems good in terms of content and price… There are many factors to consider to receive final confirmation.

At our agency We thought it best to promote a menu and get reservations for the upcoming holiday season depends mainly on 5 Actions which they feed the one another.

5 actions to promote the Christmas menu of your restaurant

It includes Christmas menus on your Facebook page

It is the main promotional platform for a restaurant and it gives you specific spaces to publicize your menu:

  • Section “Menu”: where you can upload in PDF or image and users can view their content
  • Section “Services” where you can illustrate some of your extra amenities with a picture of previous years, as spaces reserved for groups, and highlight the differentiating value you bring to your client (Examples: Event organization, scenes type “cluedo”, rooms with audiovisual system that customers can rent by the hour… Depending on the characteristics of your establishment, Clear)
  • section Shop: You can use this tab to include your menus as if they were a product for sale and link to the landing booking your web (With a discount or gift code for bookings from Facebook, thus differentiating how many of your Christmas bookings come from networks)
  • Publications: From now until the end of the first week of December, he 40% publications of your page should be on the Christmas menu. EYE, This is not to say that every day publiques PDF with menus that you have prepared, but if the tone is employed should encourage users to know this proposal: Photos of the dishes containing the menu, room photos, group tables, photos from previous years and generally always include, is the type that is your publication, un Call to Acticon (CTA): Reserve now, Organize your Christmas ______ (restaurant name), etc.

Instagram, the social network to promote perfect photos of your Christmas menus

The social network of excellence Photography How not you use it to increase reserves at Christmas? Based on the editorial line that you use in Facebook, Fill your wall Images and videos where you explain to your customers why they should choose you among others. But beware! do not abuse directly upload menu: these photos are not the most interaction are. If you have printed, you can always take a picture of the flyer on a table, on a plate, etc.

Do not forget other 2 tricks: put the link BIO link to the section of your website where the menus are. So you can include in all your publications phrase “Meet our proposal for Christmas. Link at BIO”

Stories Why not? Account preparations for the upcoming holidays and try to always show something related to the menu, but without using the menu itself Create intrigue and your customers will be eager to know that cooking in your kitchen!

Facebook Ads, Active campaigns with Christmas menus

Point to keep in mind when to publicize your proposal. We do not want to dwell much on this part, because you know that the possibilities are endless, but there 2 you should evaluate options above the rest:

  • Local Broadcast Ads: to show your proposal to the people close to the establishment
  • Video ad: Video like, User draws attention

Do not forget to include both one button “Reservation”, “more information” or something similar. And think of the whole process traceability In what way you want your customers to reserve table? You must leave them clear as they should rather invest your efforts on getting visitors to the web if you do not really accept online reservations for this medio.Son many restaurants that disable this option approaching Christmas, to control processes by the usual method → ​​phone and calendar.

you Web, the epicenter of your strategy Christmas menus

Whether you accept reservations through the web or not, Your platform should have a section where users can view and query the Christmas menu. If you do not have time or money to schedule a separate section on the web, simply type an article in the blog where you explain your value proposition users.

This will help with other forms of promotion: Facebook ads can target this article, generating visits. You can post a link to the article on the various social media (Mobile or web) and you have the option of buttons include direct booking, ya sea online u offline.

OFFline (Flyers), prints Christmas menus

We always talk about marketing online, but sometimes we can not forget that the “traditional” Also works. The most common way to communicate your restaurant has a proposal for the next Christmas shape is a flyer. There are many formats, materials and designs with which you can group all your proposal in a paper no bigger than a sheet.

If you visit in October 2.000 diners do not think it would be a good idea to take advantage of the flow of customers to show them what you're preparing for the next dates? Would 2.000 Possible reserves'd get with only Give them a flyer with Account inviting them to read it quietly at home and making available other online and offline media for any questions that arise about them. We assure you that if you have lived a good experience on that visit, you have in mind when making decisions.

Another option (If your establishment permits) It is to place flyers in the customer reception or at the entrance. While you sit at the table, you can see the menu for Christmas, exchange views with their companions and instantly consult you doubt.

We know that Christmas are days of peace and love, but also the best opportunity for our operating account get optimal results before the end of the year. Take advantage of all we take time and money where it is to meet our loved ones and celebrate these dates.

Now that you know how Do you want to break the legends and turn them into reality?

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