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Pictograms menus adapted for people with autism


In recent years they have launched hundreds of worldwide initiatives aimed at integrating people this disease and make, they and their families, they can enjoy a normal evening.

Autism is a disease that affects more people than we can imagine, well 1 each 68 people suffers. It is framed within a group of disorders that is called Autism Spectrum Disorders (TEA). It's not easy to live closely the task as everyday actions like going to the movies, shopping or being in school can be extremely complicated.

As well It is a difficult test to overcome dining out with an autistic child because their behavior is impossible to predict; And they are people with great difficulty communicating and relating; Besides, most bothered by the noise and tend to be altered easily.

That is why a large number of restaurants around the globe They have already taken note and They have been put to work to not discriminate against patients with autism in their facilities, offering a deal that suits your needs. Without going further, several Spanish cities like Lugo or Pamplona They have contributed their bit to promote a cause that few take into account. What has been based initiative? In adapt menus with pictograms for autistics are able to order your food. So easy for restaurants to have a special letter with drawings and photos that it seems incredible that only very few offer.

Menus with pictograms

In fact only it needed velcro, paper and some real pictures, which are used when the dish is difficult to explain with paints-. And smaller, addition to fend for themselves, They have fun while doing their commands. In this video a mother of two autistic children shows us how:

Autism in Spanish restaurants

The sad thing is that families like this have to bring home letters with different menus so that their children can choose what they eat; and all because the big multinationals do not. Without going further, in Spain almost they are counted on the fingers the places that offer: only 8 restaurants in Pamplona help over 350 navarros youth with ASD: El corner, Álex Múgica kitchen, The moment, The Mandarra of Ramos, El Kiosko, DeBoca, grill Y sweet PIOs.

Another of the few provinces in which we find such initiatives is Lugo. There, since last July, 26 Business available to diners adapted their cards with pictograms. He Capable collective does not cease in its efforts to increase this number and invites everyone who wants to participate free of charge.

special cards for autistic

Initiatives that help patients and their families

Immersed in a century so advanced in technology, include the existence of an application that facilitates the search for establishments that autistic will feel at home. Available for smartphones and tablets, Autism Village It was developed by a father who was aware of the many things your child was missing when not being integrated into society.

Not that this app remedy the existing problem but, TripAdvisor way, says those restaurants, entertainment venues and other public places that citizens themselves recommend from the experience in the first person: treatment received by workers, details like the existence of special menus or absence of loud noises and lights very bright.

a Massachusetts, U.S, a restaurant launched activity “Autism-Friendly Family Meal”. Coinciding with the celebration of Thanksgiving, in 2014, chain Not Your Average Joe´s (NEW) eat decided to invite a family member had some autistic. Through a Facebook page meet the requirements anyone could register and, after a tough selection, the first diners were elected. Such was the success that the exception has become commonplace in NYA.

Children and their escorts are delighted to have an atmosphere conducive fully: the staff It has been trained to deal with patients with autism and what to do in certain situations, noise is minimal because the food takes place at the time of less affluence and gluten free menu is offered.

He film adapted to autistic children is also a reality, Although uncommon, in various parts of world geography. The latter has been our country, specifically L'Hospitalet, where learn -an association for the inclusion of individuals with ASD- He booked two cinemas for small with this disorder may see a cartoon as normal. an appropriate environment was created for them: Low volume, dim lights and the possibility to be accompanied by their parents.

Parents were happy to socialize their children and satisfied because they could show as they are. Nevertheless, the lack of practice caused many not hold or 10 minutes seated and those who did were more aware of what was happening around that of the film itself.

Incomprehension remains the weak point

There is still much ignorance and lack of information about autism. So much so that most citizens do not know how to deal with it when it affects. Without going further, disrespectful diner with an autistic waiter restaurant was expelled and banned entry lifetime. Happened in Little Italy, Alaska, after the second was wrong to serve the commands and the first lost papers, insulting and belittling even despite knowing the problem of worker.

The fact dismiss this client has been applauded worldwide, because in a few hours this story became viral. As also it happened, although all contrary, restaurant with a waitress Chili's -in Utah- when Arianna, a girl with autism- He ordered a cheeseburger and it was not what she expected.

That chain has a habit of hamburgers cut in half so they cook better so the girl, to see starting, He began to mourn. That was when the waitress apologized for giving a hamburger “rota” and said that the change on the other. It was so magical to Arianna that before trying the new burger kissed him the most sincere.

In the restaurants, as we see, anything can happen: from embarrassing situations that embarrass us into beautiful stories that move us. But more for good than for evil, as They can boast of being one of the businesses most committed to social integration of patients with ASD: Special menus in his honor, cards with pictograms to facilitate the decision of small and trained personnel to deal with them and meet their requests. Is not difficult, it's just a matter of getting into the skin of others and think as they would.

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