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My BMW has reserved for me the restaurant


Put yourself in situation: we are driving in an unfamiliar town, se aproxima la hora de cenar y vencidos por el hambre exclamamos en voz alta y con la mirada fija en la carretera: “please, resérvame una mesa en un buen restaurante”, a few seconds our brand and obedient BMW tells us availability, nos confirma la reserva y nos dirige por la ruta más rápida hasta el restaurante. Reality or fiction?

As well, we seem to live very close to this situation, in the light of what has announced the car brand BMW, y es que no solo te va a proponer su famosísimo eslogan “You like driving”, but now He wants to enrich this experience with a digital assistant to locate the nearest restaurants with empty tables and confirm the reservation for you.

German car maker has presentado este nuevo dispositivo digital llamado BMW ConnectedDrive que permite controlar el coche desde tu smartphone y que entre otros servicios busca y reserva en los restaurantes con mesas disponibles más cercanos para posteriormente guiar al conductor al destino eligiendo la mejor ruta.

Cars can order delivery in restaurants

As I said in my article “Cars connected to the Internet may request food restaurants” It is estimated that in the year 2020 there are more than 220 million cars connected to the Internet, which it is a huge digital business related to the connectivity of the cars themselves, drivers and occupants.

Internet-connected cars reserved in restaurants

These figures have encouraged many automakers to develop digital functions that can compete or coexist with the systems already proposed companies like Apple, with its carplay.

Mobile communication presents a new opportunity for the automotive industry, which can generate higher incomes for 180.000 millions de euros procedentes del intercambio de datos y de la conectividad con diferentes servicios a los conductores, among them, those related to the restaurant industry and hospitality.

BMW ya dispone de una unidad específica con 150 employees distributed between Munich, Chicago and Shanghai to develop digital products provide relevant services and information to the driver, not only while driving, but also through your Smartphone once the car has gone through a digital architecture based on cloud.

It seems that las futuras innovaciones en el sector del automóvil van a estar muy ligadas con propuestas digitales de servicios para los conductores, without forgetting that these should not cause distraction to diminish the guarantees of safety for the driver and occupants.

I conclude this article with a video where you can see how the car and connects to Twitter and Facebook, even he is able to propose different contenidos para compartir en estas redes sociales.

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