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My reflection on the article in The New York Times and the crisis of restaurants in Spain


It is somewhat surprising that one of the most influential newspapers in the world online, How is it The New York Times, has dedicated an article, quite extensive, in its edition last Monday to the crisis of restaurants in Spain under the title “Chefs in Spain must adapt to economic crisis or fail“, that is to say, “The chef of Spain must adapt to the economic crisis or close”.

If you want to read the full article click on the image:

The photograph of the article is sufficiently clear from the content thereof, a typical Spanish restaurant completely empty waiting for customers.

I will not go into the content of the article, because I also seems flawless, but I would like to reflect on the disservice that such news, increasingly common, They make it to the restaurant industry, gastronomy, tourism and the Spanish economy in general.

Nobody can deny that we are experiencing a crisis unprecedented in the industry, that we are in a process of change model that is forcing us to reinvent ourselves, but that should not be enough to question the image that the Spanish gastronomy and restaurants have in the world.

There have been decades of work in order to become a world leader and not walk more than enough of industries in this country that have the potential to gastronomy and tourism and that could become the standard bearers of a new era of growth to help us out of this bloody crisis.

We must not forget that the greatest expression of joint creativity knows this country is called gastronomy and perhaps the time to ask where we are has come good, we are the best, and focus all our efforts in these sectors to achieve sustained growth and a future for this country …And no one doubts that the efforts of all let's get out of this!

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