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My reflection on the latest edition of ExpoHIP


The second edition of HIP (Hospitality Innovation Planet) It has been a resounding success. It has doubled in size and grown in exhibitors, and I must emphasize that the organization of the event has been ten. This year I had the pleasure of being speaker at the roundtable entitled "Lots of Pizza" representing my franchise The Mafia sits at the table, with professional colleagues and friends. That is why I also extol extraordinary internal management of the entire event.

They have some very interesting days result with great professionals, both businessmen and CEOs, chefs and other industry players. Summarize all this is no easy task, so I will focus this article on making a small summary of trends and prospects for the 2018 and give some relevant data about the end of last year.

2017 It has been a year of consolidation in the Spanish economy. GDP marked a +3%; increased sales of the entire market, +2,5% and traffic growth, +1,5%. This means that It has increased the average ticket.

Other interesting facts are traffic growth in the quick service and cafeterias and increasing adult consumption profile (35 a 54 years) with a +5,4%. Consumption that has risen as to the slots would be the morning, where food remains in first place.

As for the market share of organized restoration regarding individual, continues to rise. At 2008, This first type of restoration involved a 14,9% and in 2018 and is the 22,8% and will continue 'in crescendo’ because the chains were up by 7% and independent restaurants only 1%.

Much attention to Delivery, he 55% food consumer calls home once a month, and in the case of millennials, between delivery and take away the percentage already reached 70%.

According the surveys, most valued by the customer first service, then quality / price along with promotions, followed by adaptation and new needs, although the global environment is the most important gains in consumer choice.

By last, add that, With respect to 2017, average spending per guest was € 4.88 while in the 2008 It was 4.93 €

Concerning the trends for this year, I want them summed up in three. Who the brand, What are the global trends and other gastro pointing fellow professionals.

Who sets the trends?

  • Health, every time we care more.
  • Allergies and food intolerances.
  • New eating habits.
  • The society, he wants no longer eat the same stuff 5 years.

Main trends gastroglobales

  • superfoods: Foods with emotional benefits.
  • Experiences: Food and food texture.
  • promotions: Offers adaptable consumption habits.
  • Gastro Kit: Pack of boxes containing everything you need for a meal.
  • Vegetable meat: Burgers from vegetable proteins.
  • Transparency: When, where and how it was done.

Main keys to success in this new context

  • Work culture of the company, It is attracting great workers.
  • Looking for people who imbue soul company.
  • concepts 360 (temperature, music, air conditioning, service, decor, etc).
  • Local self-identity and multifunctional much differentiating noon and night.
  • Ponte constantly questioned, because it makes you better.
  • Bet strongly by the Delivery, and doing well (packaging, service…).
  • Welcomes technology, but do not miss the humane treatment.
  • Looking for added value than just the food.
  • "Passion for the customer" and create an overall experience looking for "excellence".
  • Good at eating, It offers value for money and a good emplatado, its cost is 0.

Definitely, to grow your own business is very important to use many tools that today we have within our reach, but also it has a great weight meet industry trends, developments and actual experiences of other local.

So, from here, I take your assistance to catermaran next meeting will be in Barcelona in April. Certainly it gives us a lot of useful information for further growth in the sector.

About the Author

Founder and CEO of The mafia sits at the table, Italian franchise restaurants near 40 establishments in Spain.



  1. Javier interesting reflection, but your inervencion on the table and organizing it as well as those of the rest of the day RESTAURANT TRENDS , that if, within the framework of the HIP, actually he ran by MARKS RESTORATION, They summoned over 700 and attendees at its ninth edition. I think important to emphasize and not confuse.

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