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My gastronomic journey to Paris


My first trip out of the peninsula in this 2019, It has been to the city of love par excellence, Paris. A captivating city, charming and poetic that makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit thanks to its monuments and architecture in general, as well as museums and charming neighborhoods like Montmatre. It is my third visit to Paris, and this time I could climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower from which "the village of l'amour et la lumiere" an amazing experience and I advise that you realize observed.

If we talk about gastronomy in Paris perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is "Creative Kitchen" or bistros. Did you know that French cuisine is considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco? The food itself, It is a good argument to return to Paris because there is much to visit and enjoy.

This time I have not been to enjoy the experience of creative cuisine, or the bistros, I focused my visit to try to learn Italian gastronomy and visit its famous "cafés" and patisseries located in the center of the city. Whenever I visit a new city I like to stay with some details related to hospitality, whether its setting, paper, product or image, something to stand out from that city or differs from others for some reason experiential.

In this case in addition to quality gastronomy, Paris highlights and differs from the rest in its image abroad. On the one hand, practically all local center are those typical terrace with wicker chairs and tables standing forging, are also always supported but rain or freezing, thing does not happen in Spain. On the other hand, the second differential component of its external image, is that almost they all have awnings and no lettering on the facade. yes, They are original and have devised what is retro awning illuminate the LED light as shown in the picture.

I detail some local and concepts that you can not miss in central Paris. As for patisseries, Paris Mon Beau company operates a private tour for groups 2 a 6 people where you can visit four prestigious and luxurious pastry shops near the Louvre Museum, Ladurrie, Pierre Hermé, John Paul Hévir Y Sebastien Gaudard. If you as enthusiastic about the sweet feel free to make this Tour.

The best organized representation bakery certainly “PAUL, that can be found in many corners of the city center. Following the sweet, If chocolate is your passion, You can not miss the chocolatier Godiva and Pierre Hermé, both establishments with spectacular facades and interior setting next to the Opera.

For lovers of Champagne, I recommend visiting a magnificent space dedicated to this drink located in the Latin Quarter called, "Champagne House" You can eat there or just do a tasting workshop with various product tastings. If you spend the day visiting monuments, I recommend three "Cafes" glamorous. café RUC next to the Louvre, Roya Opera next to the Opera and "Gran Caffè Convivium"Very close to the Arc de Triomphe, off the famous Champs Elysees.

As for franchises or chains, In addition to the known fast-food I was surprised that the English string "Ready to eat It is very well positioned with good premises in the city center. If your specialty is pork chops for dinner I recommend "The ears will Quque”, You can select different types of meat exposed to different maturation and where do you live the experience performing the chop cutting in front of you. also it has a large wine cellar.

By last, in terms of Italian cuisine, I could not taste everything would have liked because there is not much Italian restaurant and pizzeria. maybe, the best known is Pizza Pino, by its location in Avd. Champs Elysees and Place de la Republique. And if you do not know Vapiano, It is always a good choice, If you are looking for a casual fast. But my recommendation is without a doubt "Pizzería popular"Gourmet pizza"The Pearl"If your choice is to taste a good pasta. "People Pizzería", It does not support reservation and your schedule is very European, the kitchen closes at 14:30 hrs but both the food and the atmosphere are worth, also they work fine mixology. "La Perla" the atmosphere is not very powerful but the food is exceptional. Both are near the Louvre Museum and have an accessible average ticket between 20 € and 30 € per person.

In conclusion I would say that we should not miss the opportunity to enjoy both international cuisine National, since in all occasions new tastes and experiences that we bring exceptional value to our trip are discovered. I hope you have been interesting experience and generate an interest to know these special places, and that in your next visit to Paris enjoy all its charm, also the gastronomic…Enjoy your meal!

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