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Michelin highlights the most sustainable restaurants of their French guide with a green shamrock


Abuse to which we subjected to Earth after the Industrial Revolution and the discovery of antibiotics is forging a dystopian future for our youth and for generations to come.

Since there is no planet B, choice but to roll up our sleeves and get down to work to alleviate and reverse the effects we have our demand for resources has. This requires a radical change in the way of conceiving our daily, and therefore must be transversal to all our activities.

The restaurant world does not escape the scrutiny of the sustainability environmental. In fact, the level of control you have over this factor has just increased, since one of the most famous gastronomic guides of the world, the Michelin guide, He has begun to decorate the most sustainable restaurants with new award. Its about shamrock, a distinctive environmental commitment with which already have 50 French restaurants.

French version of the famous guide it has reached the shelves of bookstores in the Gallic country, and in this new edition makes an appearance the new symbol. Thus the Michelin guide aims to respond to the concerns of the consumer, if well shocked at this juncture that face, You do not have the necessary information to talk to your portfolio.

Since the language of money is the most universally understood, some diners were showing their dissatisfaction with the lack of information on sustainability. Prayers are appeased with this green movement of the famous gastronomic guide.

Specific, and paraphrasing the press release issued by Michelin, green clover gives the chefs who have shown a deep responsibility to preserve resources and protect biodiversity, as well as the energy footprint and minimize food waste, always with a clear promotional emphasis.

Section composed of those restaurants that have been made with green clover is known as "sustainable gastronomic selection" and currently has only a handful of restaurants in the 3435 listed in Michelin France guide 2020.

Green clover stands as a unique symbol that aims to put the focus on the obligations of the restaurants sector now we face us towards a 2050 where it is imperative to achieve the objectives climate control.

The first list published with sustainable restaurants has been this:

1) Le Clos des Sens
2) Yoann Conte
3) Troisgros-Bois without Leaves
4) Mirazur
5) The House next
6) Arpège
7) Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée
8) Régis et Jacques Marcon
9) La Bastide de Capelongue
10) David Toutain
11) The shell
12) Serge Vieira
13) Hostellerie Bérard
14) Marine
15) the Romper
16) Jean Sulpice
17) Christopher Coutanceau
18) Hostellerie Jerome
19) House Aribert
20) The Lime of Sully
21) the Chassagnette
22) Cyril Attrazic
23) Auberge du Vert Mont
24) L'Etang du Moulin
25) The Black Prince Vivien Durand
26) G.A. At Manor Rétival
27) Fontevraud Restaurant
28) L’Oustalet
29) The Clair de Plume
30) The Alchemilla
31) Auberge La Fenière
32) Prairial
33) the George
34) Septime
35) Caves Madeleine
36) Table
37) Ursus
38) Aux Terrasses
39) Le Moulin de Lere
40) Le Bec au Cauchois
41) Perch
42) Ar Men Du
43) the Saltimbanque
44) The table d'hote
45) The Rural Guard
46) Le Petit Hotel du Grand Large
47) Anona
48) Oustau de Baumanière
49) Aponem-Auberge du Presbytere
50) Gold Q'idée

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