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Telepizza and two participants from OT2017 revolutionizes Twitter with #TeleJasambas


Los participantes de OT2017 Miriam Y king Méndez they are rolling on Twitter and the thing promises. The birth of #TeleJasamba Telepizza is cooking in this social network. After exchanging several tweets, and 'discussing’ between Jasambas and Hassambas, as far as Telepizza He has called the “year debate”, They have placed this afternoon, to 19 hours, to create the new product for pizza chain, Roi according Méndez, He promises to take “tea tuna sauce”.

The followers of both participants, especially Miriam, They have shown excited about the idea of ​​being able to taste this new product, They have expressed their preference for the name in question -Jasambas or Hassambas- and they have even been provided to give ideas on possible ingredients.

Telepizza not picked up the gauntlet on the fly and has generated a whole debate, creating even a vote classified as “year debate”. Here are the highlights tweets we leave this story:


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