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what 20 conclusions about #PlateTalks, the first major debate on the digitization of the hospitality industry in Spain


He tenido la suerte de poder participar en Barcelona en el primer evento organizado por Reimagine Food, Metro Group Y Makro Spain under the title “Digital Plate Talks” in which he analyzed the process of digital processing en el que está inmerso el sector de la hostelería.

More of 20 expertos de diferentes nacionalidades se unen por primera en nuestro país para discuss the importance of digital change in the restaurant industry. An event that had previously been held in Paris and will travel to other cities. In Spain a unique setting was chosen as are the lounges Hotel Casa Fuster, in the heart of Barcelona.

Initially all share the same table, donde se hizo una presentación por parte de los organizadores del evento, incidiendo en digital keys that are currently affecting the sector; a partir de ese momento nos dividimos en dos mesas, one in Spanish and one in English, approximately 10 members and a moderator, to proceed to discuss the different issues that we congregated.

Each table had two shifts 45 minutes, en el primero se pretendía generar ideas entorno a las opportunities for customers supone este nuevo contexto digital, and second, aportar una visión de cómo hoteliers can capitalize on these opportunities the new model offers.

Fueron numerosas las conclusiones y los apasionados debates que surgieron en las diferentes mesas, but I would like to highlight the 20 main ideas que extraigo de cada uno de estos debates:

Opportunities for customers in the new digital context:

1.- Customer experience in the restaurant has increasingly more digital components. The customer is customer long before going to the restaurant and no longer is once launched, since the Digital channels allow you to interact before, during and after your dining experience.

2.- The intensidad del impacto digital may be different depending on two aspects, the age range of customers and different times or consumer needs it has in restaurants.

3.- What is transforming customer relationship with restaurants is not only the background of digital change, if not the speed with which this change occurs. The current client has little to do with five years ago and it will have little to do with the next few years.

4.- That US customers spend more money in restaurants than in supermarkets is an evidence of the impact of technology and changing habits of society.

5.- For the first time customers have more technology than restaurants thanks to their smart phones and this makes us face a new type of customer more informed and more demanding.

6.- La enorme información que éstos tienen sobre las experiencias gastronómicas de otros clientes, hace que cada vez sea more complex to manage expectations by restaurant.

7.- Technology should support the personalizing of experience, the customer ever wants to identify more with a particular product group, service and even lifestyle.

8.- La mayoría de los integrantes de la mesa creen que the customer sees in your digital experience a distinct advantage improving its relationship with restaurants.

9.- El verdadero valor diferencial para el cliente debería encontrarse principalmente en una improving your experience, then on the new opportunities that technology offers and finally in economic savings that can be achieved.

10.- Where else Digital proposals will find the client in the future va a ser en la the consumption stage culinary, is currently the least techno-adapted is.

Opportunities for hoteliers in the new digital context:

11.- Las actuales propuestas tecnológicas están muy basadas en la fase comercial, con un objetivo de atraer a nuevos clientes al restaurantes y quizás ha llegado el momento de que tengan un mayor aporte en management and optimization of internal processes restaurant.

12.- There are certain saturation by restaurateurs constantly they receive in their business offerings “Magical digital solutions”, in most cases they generated an enormous distrust.

13.- It is imperative that new digital solutions are easy to implement and use, the concept of usability is essential for adapting a digital tool in a restaurant.

14.- En estos momentos hay mucha confusión en el sector con el verdadero impacto digital, which means that in many cases los hosteleros no consideren como una ventaja clara y real incorporating technology into their businesses.

15.- The host today primarily those values digital tools that make you earn money, above any other purpose.

16.- There is a huge interest / concern in the industry for online reputation, Y cómo afectan realmente todas esas opiniones, criticisms and comments that customers move to digital environments.

17.- We incorporate the concept of “Smart restaurants” as those who are able to harness the power of data, the big data. These will have a very significant competitive edge over the rest.

18.- The landlord must start thinking beyond space has tables and chairs in the restaurant, technology allows you to take your dining experience where the customer is. Now customers not only go to restaurants, as well Restaurants range customers

19.- Google, Amazon, Bing, Alibaba, UberEars, They will be new competitors in the sector, technology companies that sell hospitality.

20.- Hay unanimidad total en la mesa con respecto a la idea de que la palanca clave para It ultimately enhance implementation and technological development of the sector is called TRAINING. This is the great challenge that the sector faces to be able to understand, accept and implement the new digital model.

Upon completion of the debates we could enjoy a cocktail and a fantastic dinner at Casa Fuster Hotel, where participants took the opportunity to share our opinions and conclusions on #PlateTalks.

Para finalizar incluyo la lista de asistentes:

Mesa Spanish
FacilitatorDiego Coquillat10Restaurantes.esFounder
RestaurantQuim MarquésGroup Oido KitchenFounder
RestaurantRafa MartinezCan XurradesFounder & Chef
RestaurantSilvia LamarcaGrupo AndilanaCFO
StartupAlejandro FresnedapillCo-Founder
StartupJaime WenetzZapperCountry manager spain
StartupAlejandro LorenzoForkCo-Founder and KAM
Metro GroupFred SchumacherHoReCa.digitalDirector Innovation
Metro GroupMarcos FernándezMetrogroupHead of Communication
Metro GroupPeter GriesMakro SpainCEO
Reimagine FoodMarius RoblesReimagine FoodCEO & Founder
JoaquinSerraReimagine Food
NotesAlba GarcíaReimagine FoodHead of Communication
Mesa English
FacilitatorIgnasi FerrerEAT OUT / ourFormer CEO at EAT OUT
RestaurantGuido vineyardWoki tribeFounder
RestaurantXavier SanchezSandwiChezFounder
RestaurantElena SoldevillaStopCo-founder
RestaurantJavier PlanasCo- owner
StartupMaria KueppersMiss TipsyFounder
StartupJuan Ignacio growsNu4MatCEO
OtherVincent Pretet33entrepreneursCEO
Metro GroupAndreas cubesHoReCa.digitalGlobal Director Strategic Innov.
Metro GroupOlaf KochMetro AGCEO
Metro GroupKay SwabedalHoReCa.digitalCEO
NotesMenno van RijnReimagine FoodConsulting Manager


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