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My conclusions about the XV National Congress of Hospitality


I've been lucky enough to be invited to participate as a speaker of XV National Congress of Hospitality which it was held in the city of Toledo during 2 days.

The following photo was made during my participation in the round table Los nuevos canales de promoción y comunicación. Cómo se aplican a bares y restaurantes juntó a Fran Hidalgo, CEO Otium 360, José Miguel García-Gasco, Director of Marketing and Operations Atresmedia, Luis Miguel Vindel, CEO de Play The Net y como moderador Emilio Gallego Secretary General of FEHR.

An exciting conference where we could share and discuss the main issues of concern to the hospitality sector in Spain.

I want to thank the FEHR (Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants) His invitation and immense affection with which they have treated me, It has been an absolutely enriching personal and professional experience.

I would like to share with my readers the three main conclusions that I have obtained in this congress:

1.- Positive macroeconomic data show a possible change in the negative trend of recent years.

Mainly improved Sectoral Confidence Index, both published by the INE as the FEHR, who break their negative trend.

As well, the two main economic indicators of the sector, such as employment and turnover remain positive movements.

Definitely, They are encouraging data that will have to be confirmed in the coming quarters.

2.- The importance of a professional and comprehensive management restaurants, regardless of the size of it, to provide that value differentiator efficiency and enable the sector to be prepared before cyclical market changes.

a benefit in the medium term environment is encrypted to 8% restaurants in implementing a comprehensive management system.

One element that is having increasingly more importance in this management is energy efficiency, the hotelier is expressing growing concern about rising energy costs, mainly those related to air conditioning and lighting.

3.- By last, the great technological challenge that the sector faces, which it is already a clearly perceived by most hoteliers, but doubts remain as great face and manage this new environment.

Customers who make their decisions in digital environments requiring restaurants to have an online positioning if they want to be part of this phase of inspiration.

The gastronomic is increasingly more invaded by technology, as customers share their experiences in situ with your community of followers.

Managing online reputation capable of getting our satisfied customers become our best sellers through their comments, reviews and.

Then I leave a video that I uploaded my Youtube channel DiegoCoquillatTV where I tell my main conclusions of this interesting XV National Congress of Hospitality.

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