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My reflections on the 17th Congress AECOC HORECA; the new challenges facing the hospitality industry


One year I attended during 2 days national congress that celebrates the business association AECOC in the sector HORECA, definitely a must, where we reflect on the major concerns of the sector, as well as the challenges that the hospitality industry is facing national and international level in an increasingly complex and changing environment.

I must admit that one of the moments that I like these congresses I attend or participate, It happens once the staging ends and the lights go out. when ordering the entries begins, to reflect on what they heard and draw some conclusions but that afternoon, in the course of the day, They will become possible investigations and even items.

So today I want to share that moment with my readers, these reflections and post-conference conclusions which are so necessary to organize ideas. I have chosen to do so video format, because without doubt the picture is the new channel of communication in this digital age supra, with the objective of loneliness from an empty theater, promote something as necessary professionally and personally and is the time to think, time to reflect.

If you were unable to attend the congress here you have A summary of the best tweets with some of the most important conclusions of the various speakers who passed through the 17Th Congress AECOC of HORECA:

1Th day of the Congress #AECOCHORECA

2Th day of the Congress #AECOCHORECA



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