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My reflections on the agreement between Facebook and OpenTable


Facebook He announced the agreement with OpenTable reservation portal restaurants which allows its users to book over 20.000 US restaurants through its mobile application.

Here is a picture of the new utility:

Agreement between Facebook and Opentable

Apparently Facebook wants to first test the use on mobile devices to see the results and then implement it in your social network desktop.

The service will be available for both iOS and Android and does not need be user or register OpenTable to use, It is fully functional user of Facebook, but that if, reservations to have private data can not be shared.

But, Why Facebook and OpenTable have reached this agreement?

1.- Facebook is well aware that every time more users are accessing your app through mobile phones and wants to provide them with additional services useful beyond own application, to see photos, comment or surf the wall, but also a very important feature, no need to go out or switch to other applications, the user starts and ends in Facebook.

2.-For Facebook is a perfect complement to the time to give more value to the option “Nearby places” which it is available to all users on the main menu of your mobile application, considering that an increasingly large percentage of users reserve a nearby restaurant, taking advantage of geolocation thanks to mobile.

Nearby Places on Facebook

3.-A Facebook to complete its service lacked the last link, conversion or reservation, a recognized partner and is able to manage a high volume of reserves. No need to ally with companies like Yelp O TripAdvisor because Facebook already has his own comments that directly affect the online reputation of the restaurants and from now on the volume of reserves that they get.

4.- The market for online reservations for restaurants in the United States, As in many other countries, it is quite saturated and increasingly the major portals harder time achieving significant growth figures, for OpenTable is an opportunity to multiply the base of your business, and it seems that the market has understood, as stocks have reached in the Nasdaq its yearly high, the trading environment 74$.

Opentable actions

5.- By last, If this strategy goes well with Facebook it is more than likely look to replicate elsewhere and particularly in the European continent, where surely if you want to have a global implementation will have to choose different partners as there are large portals online reservations but with significant regional segmentation.

I would like to know your opinion on this agreement, what do you think? Do you think it will be useful for users of Facebook?

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