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MMD Philips presents the interactive screen 242B9T with advanced touch technology SmoothTouch


MMD, the leader in specialist displays and brand license partner for Philips Monitors, announces the launch of monitor LCD Philips 242B9T de 24″ con SmoothTouch (23.8″ / 60.5 cm. Diag.). This touch monitor 16:9 It has different features to offer users an excellent viewing experience improved Full HD.

It is equipped with solid technologies including IP54 protection against water and dust, and a projective capacitive touch 10 points for intuitive and quick touch response. Its simple connectivity options, their technologies and eye protection flexible articulated support make this monitor an ideal choice for professionals working in such diverse sectors as trade, outlets or information, Hotels, shops, restaurants, as well as for those working in the education sector. Philips 242B9T It will be available from 299 euros.

Anywhere flexibility

The Philips touch monitor 242B9T It features an interactive glossy screen SmoothTouch designed to provide a natural and intuitive interaction on any usage scenario. The projected capacitive touch technology 10 points allows writing with 10 fingers, It is ensuring that users are not lost on the keyboard. Likewise, the optical stylus touch pen allows greater precision.

This monitor combines enjoyment and productivity, from allowing the use of touch-oriented collaborative applications or professional projects, as well as games. And as users require more flexibility than ever, Philips 242B9T It is equipped with an antireflection coating, one articulated SmartStand flexible and advanced protection IP54 against water and dust, making it sturdy enough to use anywhere ensuring, at the same time, the best display.

A treat for the eyes

With Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080, Philips 242B9T It provides full details, color and brightness that users want and expect. Improving the quality of each visual experience even more, the technology SmartContrast automatically adjusts color and intensity of the backlight to offer dark shadows and bright lights, providing images and videos notch. To ensure that users can fully enjoy the screen 24″, Philips 242B9T is equipped with a variety of features, as technology flicker, LowBlue mode or the mode EasyRead, among others.

Easy to use and easy to love

Every feature of Philips 242B9T It is designed to provide a pleasant user experience. If we talk about connectivity, This monitor offers maximum comfort thanks to a wide variety of features that facilitate further work and leisure activities of users. further, It includes HDMI 1.4, DVI-D, VGA and DisplayPort 1.2, as well as two USB ports 3.1 Fast charging that increase productivity.

The touch screen monitor Philips 242B9T, flexible, powerful and easy to use, It is available for a price of 299 euros.

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