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model Restaurant, the best restaurants in the city for free in exchange for visibility on Instagram


With the digital transformation restaurants, the need for advertising space beyond television and radio showed some years ago. There are many ways that restaurants can offer their services online, however one of the most effective and most involve your target audience are publications in social networks.

These can come from the restorer own or diners. The latter can occur spontaneously, when the client wants to recommend or express their deep satisfaction; that is to say, organically; or they can deliberately happen when there is a trade agreement by.

Instagram It is one of the social networks they work best in hospitality. And the influencers specializing in lifestyle and food are always on the lookout to capitalize on their digital work.

One of the strategies most common digital marketing in these cases is that the restaurant offers a free meal in exchange for exposure on the platform. While the law requires the parties involved to show visibly that it is a commercial action. Although it was not done in the past meet online, the rise of advertising online He has forced the authorities to act.

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Now the company model Restaurant You have found a loophole that allows them to evade this responsibility, making advertising achieved a sense of authenticity distill highly valued by supporters internet Stars.

The work performed by Model Restaurant is simple. Reserved table at the luxurious restaurants with cooperating and invite models Instagram to eat there for free. The models are part of the program then enjoy the food without compromise.

If you wish to can share their experience Instagram profile, and if they do not no problem. The real pay is their presence in the restaurant, raising the popularity of the establishment. There is always passersby who recognize the model, fanatics who act as paparazzi fans and steal an outlet to share online, or passersby who inadvertently associated the beauty of women to the good work of the restaurant.

Digital marketing company, property of Giovanbattista Cimmino, It operates en Miami Beach, Milan and London, but it certainly has a place in many other cities of the world. It is unquestionable that eventually we will see the expansion of this strategy.

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