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Bite the Pasta includes a virtual reality goggles on their menus for 1 € more


Franchise chain Bite the Pasta, It has launched this week its most revolutionary menu to date.

This is a proposal for Friday nights and Saturday including, plus the choice between near 150 dishes that customers can get, for just one euro more, nail virtual reality glasses.

Chain, it recently accomplished it 10 years of experience, and for that reason, He wants to position itself with this action as one of the most attractive offers catering for younger. A public fully digitized and for which, an action of this insurance type is a great incentive.

The promotion available in 25 chain restaurants from the 19 from January while stocks last (50.000 units), although its leaders estimate that have product for about two months.

A first contact of the restaurant chain with Virtual Reality

Las HMD (HeadMountesDisplay) O virtual reality glassesL Bite the Pasta is a device that displays images created by computer on a very close eye screen. In this way, it is possible to achieve complete immersion in virtual reality the customer wish, either a music concert, games or movie.

This promotion is in addition to the various proposals launched by the company to meet the night time slot and covering dinners a week with different dining experiences, adapted to new trends and demands for consumption outside the home of a niche market as millennials, most consumerist force right now.


A new example of how a chain can differentiate itself from competitors and open a digital divide that position closer to new consumer tastes, which always will be a great competitive advantage.

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