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'Mukbang' or how to earn thousands of dollars on camera eating


He mukbang It emerged in 2011 South Korea but has been this year when the movement has gone through the roof to reach a brutal hit in South Korean society. The name comes from joining two Korean words: "Muk-and", which means eating, “bang-song”, translated transmitting. The essence is simple and it is equally implementation. The platform Afreeca TV which it is home to many channels that appear BJ popular (short for broadcast jockey), which they are nothing more than the young protagonists of the videos. These boys and girls sit in front of the camera, show how to prepare your dish and eat while they are chatting and discussing the play with the rest of Internet.

The curious thing is that with the simple retransmission of food intake, a person can earn thousands of dollars. The platform not only feeds advertising, but fans can make donations to their favorite BJ. And how arouse the curiosity of the viewer through the tangle of channels with similar content or identical? The most commonly used methods ranging from eating to bursting or invite a friend to share food at the screen to mix the dishes without order or coherence.

Some gastronomic calls it digital phenomenon and the fact is that it is a growing trend. South Korea, He has not only had tremendous success among the teen group, but there are several young people who earn large amounts of money just to hang your videos eating. According to RPP News, a BJ popular can gather an average of ten thousand people at dinner time and earn at least 9.000 US dollars per month.

One of these young people is Kim Sung-jin, a child with just 14 years is already considered a true star Afreeca TV channel. With its almost daily show usually collect around the 1.000 dollars per episode, but it has gone on to win even more. Your channel platform broadcasting It is one of the most closely watched and reaches eight million unique users per month who watch every night how young boots stands in front of your computer screen.

Thus it leads from 11 years, fruit of a lonely childhood, because their parents work in another city and he lives with his grandparents, Who, for the young, eat dinner too early. Harto dinner only, company decided to look on the Internet and that's how delved into the world of mukbang.

Here is Kim Sung-jin any given night carousing in session in front of the camcorder. Judge for yourselves.

The success of this strange form of gastronomic voyeurism has not crossed the borders of South Korea in the Asian republic but has millions of loyal fans are not lost or a meal of their culinary idols. And is that, it sounds amazing, these young people are considered celebrities in the country, star like television or film should be dealt.

Hahn Yeh Only, Afreeca manager digital TV, points to little free time for people to interact with others as the reason for the success of this peculiar practice. In a country where a high percentage of people can not afford to have a relationship or meet friends for lack of time, he mukbang It is presented as a good alternative to socialize after a long and intense workday. To this must be added an increasingly lonely childhood, because many children live alone most of the time and seek the company of social networks and platforms such as TV Afreeca to feel accompanied.

In Western culture the mukbang still it sounds like a strangeness that gives us more network, but who knows if in the future we will change the TV screen computer as an accompaniment to the lonely dinners.

To end, It included one of the best reports has been made the subject.

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