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'Multiverse’ Google My Business para restaurantes: Answers your listings & Google Maps


Wow! Often this concept of 'Multiverse'. Usually depending on the hypothesis, is the term used to define the set of multiple universes coexisting ours. To the Food Fighters We love it because, Among many other things, It is a 'buzzword' that perfectly defines what we understand it and can give him Google My Business: something that goes far beyond a universe of possibilities for the hotelier but, Nevertheless, he does not understand, exploit and / or use in your favor.

Worryingly, but it is something that we encounter daily and is part of the general ignorance in which, Fortunately, increasingly part of the hotel is immersed.

With this, the first of our 'multiversal' collaborations in the magnificent digital media www.diegocoquillat.com, we have decided to dedicate several articles throughout this 2018. In addition to offering some of our other specialties such as the power of review, opinions online, reputation, etc ... we also want to talk about the 'unknown' figure of Google My Business, We will keep unveiling and suggestions and good practices from which we understand that, Today, It represents a essential tool that every hotel establishment must have under control, tracking and monitoring.

Questions and answers

as mentioned, within the possibilities offered by Google My Business, that of Q & A is, definitely, one of the most unknown aspects offered by this platform. And not, It is not new. It has been operational for several months, but its use is still very relative. The idea arises because, normally, communities in search of opinion and review, it is possible to launch questions that the community is responsible for answering.

For example, if we want to visit a particular restaurant, and after care information we show on our listing Google, they will be very clear many aspects of business.

Nevertheless, Maybe there's any doubt that someone surely would not have cleared. For example, If we are a convenient choice if we go with a baby stroller or if we distinguish between vegetarians, vegan or lacto-ovo vegetarians. Yes, That is when you search SERP and kicks in this section in Google.

Google My Business para restaurantesThis is something that we will comment along different items, but you must be clear that any interaction with our business always a chance Y, as such, we must seize. On the right side and within the business listing, We find a section where we can make a question, at the same time, responder (add to) which have already been generated.

For example, in the restaurant Miscegenation by Tomas Lopez, which Food Fighters It has the honor to advise digitally, We can find questions referred as curious as you will see below.

Google My Business para restaurantesClear, Start can be somewhat shocking (at least desserts) but, You tell us one thing ... If someone called on the phone to the restaurant and ask if you can just go eat desserts ... you contestaríais? Of course, of course I would do that attention and interaction with the customer is top priority.

The truth is we sometimes forget that digital media is a channel of connection with who pays your bills and take care of this link is essential exquisite the same way they do physical or in person.

This showcase is echoed in Google Maps, that allows you to be able to ask and answer questions about the sites and companies you see. Business owners and others can respond directly to these questions and answers, if only we can ask or answer questions via Android devices.

But ... nope! This is tricky because your browser via PC / MAC can launch questions and answer them if we are the owners / managers page and are logged as such in it.

Google My Business para restaurantesHowever, and that said, the 'official' way to ask a question would:

  1. In the Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.
  2. Find a place or touch it on the map.
  3. On the bottom, touch its name.
  4. To see if someone has already asked a question like ours, in the section “Questions and answers”, touch See more questions.
  5. To another question, in the section “Questions and answers”, touch Ask the community.

... and when someone replies to our question, We receive a notification via email and business owners if we have enabled in the settings of our tab.

Google My Business para restaurantes

Recommendations when asking / answering

This section should not become unmanageable both by the questioner as by the hotelier, I should use it properly and see it as an opportunity, and not just to 'speak about his book'.

Clearly, will be an error. These are some of the recommendations that should prevail when interacting in this section:

  • Advertising: No questions and answers utilicéis advertising purposes literally. Are skillful. Do not add links to websites or phone numbers.
  • Content: Google will remove any content that violates its policies and, creednos, They are very American for that.
  • Spam: Ditto advertising. Do not include promotional or commercial content, Do not post the same content multiple times.
  • Questions and answers unrelated: Do not post based on the experience of others or are unrelated to the specific site answers that you wondered. The questions and answers are not a forum for inappropriate comments or to make personal criticism. Always think that exposing your business is you.

If you read the above and you reflect, section of questions can become a powerful ally to help our community of followers Y, especially, our prospects, to dispel doubts that we know are common in our business, so that we ourselves can generate a self-FAQ that answer most questions we are raised on a daily basis, those that have so present.

Google My Business para restaurantesIn this way, We leave a fingerprint that allows our potential customers anticipate and resolve issues that we know are common in our business and we will generate us neater business image, chord and retail.

Google My Business para restaurantesAnd you ... you urge to interact and answer questions of your business on Google?

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