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Music for Restaurants: 50 Current crooners songs flavored Christmas


We are now in December, certainly one of the busiest months for restaurants, donde se concentran all kinds of events, holidays and meetings: with family, with friends, work lunches or dinners, etc… They are important moments to be enjoyed within our local, and for which we must be prepared, offering, among other things, a great atmosphere with the best music.

Por eso me gustaría ayudaros con esta playlist, That will allow us crear un espacio ideal en el restaurante para estas fiestas.

Y thinking about how to represent the holidays with a style to match events, I reached the figure of Crooner and all those classics like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin o Tony Bennett.

Pero esto no me parecía suficiente y I happened to make a list of current artists that have that mix of sophistication and classicism, in addition to una voz como para llenar de calidez cualquier espacio de un restaurante que quiere ofrecer a sus clientes una festive atmosphere, but elegant, throughout this December…Merry Christmas!

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Music for Restaurants: 50 Current crooners songs flavored Christmas
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