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Music for restaurants: 50 songs classical music for unforgettable wedding cocktail


In the playlist this month we focus on a special moment in a wedding, the cocktail. The time before lunch or dinner where attendees are coming to dinner and where you need to create a suitable climate to the mood that each guest has after the ceremony. Classical music has the power to keep the solemn character in any event, especially if label and also give it a timeless air.

It will help us to be coated with an aura distinguished all attendees at our wedding cocktel. A big day, where everyone has the opportunity to show off their finery, It is the ideal scenario aristocrats feel like going to a concert opera in Vienna.

In a few moments that serve to relieve stress, where we do not stop to greet loved ones and get rid of the nerves after that triggers the ceremony, We obtain an ideal setting with a playlist of classical music.

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