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Music for restaurants: 50 songs of female voices


November and leaves us little light in the evenings and lends itself to being a bucolic and contemplative month. At this point I decided to autumn dedicate the playlist to female talent. I wanted to claim the amount of amazing albums that have been discovered in recent years and that They have the character and the brand of women. It is necessary that attention be paid and given the value, the great value they have.

This collection of songs intended to reflect some of new voices, others not so much, American and European music. As some already know, You always get carried away by its coordinates or what I really find it interesting to share at all times.

This playlist is ideal for bars, cafes and restaurants in those afternoons or evenings few months as these fall, where the movement of people and conversations that freeze on the street gives way to moments intimates, relaxing and warm inside. So this playlist is perfect for evenings of new hospitality businesses today.

Espero, como siempre, que os sirva de inspiración para crear en vuestros locales un clima especial y un ambiente diferente.

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