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Music for Restaurants: 50 songs and sing emotions dinner food


This month we have a special playlist, and that we have a friend and collaborator of authentic luxury, his name is Brian Hunt. This Spaniard of English descent, takes over 15 years dedicated to various musical projects as part of bands like Half Foot Outside or Templeton, In addition to developing a prolific musical career solo, in which he is playing his music all over the country and consolidated the name of Brian Hunt, as one of the talents of indie rock more to consider the current music scene.

He also played an important role in the early Russian Red, with whom he began his career as a musician, He is collaborating on two of their albums. Currently, serves as producer in his own studio, a place called The GreenHouse, where he has worked Joe La Reina, Anni B. Sweet, Lions tigers, Trajano! o Baywaves, among others.

Songs that arise related experiences with restaurants, food…

For the whole team this newspaper is a real pleasure to have a musician of the caliber of Brian Hunt, who this time has selected a playlist of songs based on moments, sensations and feelings that you find around a plate of food.

Many songs are, somehow, related to the universe around the world Restaurants. The feelings we get have been inspired by the food, utensils, the environment, treatment service, etc. Ideas can hide in any corner, and so there are many musical themes in the essence of the importance of palpating authentic and different dining experience through music.

Hopefully you enjoy this selection of themes as much as we.

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