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Music for restaurants: 50 songs to vibrate all the terraces this summer


It has finally come good weather and with him restaurants inaugurate its terraces, where we went en masse to better carry hot days.

So we decided immerse ourselves in electronic pop, those songs that come with pop structure synthetic and digital sounds, almost dancing but always from the point of view of a catchy tune. There are artists like Air, Stereolab, Phoneix the Tahiti 80 they have always seemed to me that, combining even more ingredients, They have that pop hook.

For followers of our music playlists for restaurants, you know that we do not create on filters and popular parameters, I think that content is easy to find and those songs and sound everywhere. Our playlists are made with care and dedication, All songs are chosen as if it were an actual session, That is our contribution, a special and unique content for you.

It is a lively playlist, There are even some time to come crashing up, why? because summer is here…

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Singer, guitarist and songwriter of Indie "Family Tree". Vinyl collector and connoisseur of almost every country roadside restaurants. God only Knows...


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