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Music for restaurants: 50 songs for your business dinner "Disco Inferno"


December is one of the most important months for restaurants, in which they abound expected and feared for other business scene. An evening that includes work and pleasure. Employees and bosses who adorn themselves to spend time together outside the office. These dinners can be an ordeal for some, but although it is said that music calms the beast, any party by boring it, improvement with a good setlist.

The best music for your business dinner

This time the task was clear, me I got to thinking that could raise such a meeting regardless of personal tastes of each. I have ever tasted in my flesh, a playlist of disco music good, of those who know all the songs but you do not know who interprets. And I came up. Infallible this selection of the best music “rompepistas” of all times. Fun and dancing are insured. Nobody can resist this "Disco Inferno". Prepare to see your boss giving everything or those timid fellow dancing to Tony Manero ... All the track!

Escucha y comparte la playlist “Disco Inferno”

Si te ha gustado, te recomiendo que también escuches estás playlists:

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