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Music for restaurants: 50 songs for “Brunch with diamonds”


Put yourself in situation, a very nice restaurant, a time of day where you are receptive, you look at the details, how light enters through the windows, but suddenly, hate that song sounds, or music that you have set has cut “the roll” totally. It is a pity, We were almost reaching the gastronomic ecstasy.

Some hoteliers already know that it all adds up and music is one of the most succulent pleasures for the brain, it is proven. Having said that, We began a series of playlist where we will visit monthly issues, environments and events, the music might sound at restaurants in the country and that can accompany that perfect moment.

Listen to the playlist “Brunch with Diamonds”

I introduce myself, My name is Nacho and I am audiophile, so much so that I also try to shape those feelings as an artist under the name Family Tree, you are in good hands.

I have chosen for this first playlist, entitled "Brunch at Tiffany's", a delightful collection of songs that cover the most inspiring artists, jazz, bossa, folk, rock, pop, especially from the point of view of someone in eternal search for the perfect moment. I hope you enjoy it.

About the Author

Singer, guitarist and songwriter of Indie "Family Tree". Vinyl collector and connoisseur of almost every country roadside restaurants. God only Knows...


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