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Music for restaurants: 50 songs for a Valentine with The Beatles


Oh! the love! Moves mountains and anything you put in front. The commission this month is a date very marked for the hospitality sector in Spain and almost everyone. Valentine's Day, he 14 February, All the couples are looking for your favorite restaurant, a candlelight, declare undying love.

If I think about my beginnings and what music symbolizes for me love, I have it very clear, The Beatles. They have been and will be those who have sung better love in all its facets, les love. My knowledge of music are very deep and, thus, I want to share this playlist perhaps more unknown songs, but that transmit pure feelings.

This playlist will try fill your restaurant, magic and love. The most enamored of Lennon and McCartney songs will, definitely, your restaurant is the most beloved this Valentine. Love is all you need

Listen and share this playlist for restaurants

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Singer, guitarist and songwriter of Indie "Family Tree". Vinyl collector and connoisseur of almost every country roadside restaurants. God only Knows...


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